Justin Sun streming start in less than 15 minutes


Here is the link to it, if you don't have it yet: https://dlive.tv/justinsun

Now, there is a lot of unkowns about all this matter, and this move from TRON owner was kind of suspected, but just confirmed yesterday.

Before jumping in, here is what we know:

  • @justinsuntron bought Steemit Inc. from @ned
  • It is stated by Tron PR that a swap will happen
  • We don't know if Steem blockchain will be abandoned by Steemit Inc. (now Tron)
  • Some witnessess are already getting ready to fork Steemit stake out of the blockchain, if the worst come to happen
  • Price is going up based on this news. Anything might happen with it after things get more clear
  • Steem community seems pretty divided if this is good or not.
  • Steemit will probably be built on top of Tron Blockchain
  • Poloniex (also owned by Justin Sun) already announced te support to the token swap
  • Usually, swap means you give your tokens in exchange for another.
  • Steemit Inc. Stake is enough to choose the top witnessess if a diaspora happens.
  • Steemit Inc. employees were also caught by surprise with this news.
  • There will be a witness forum after Justin Sun stream (https://steempeak.com/mspwaves/@aggroed/steem-witness-forum-tomorrow-immediately-following-the-tron-meeting-on-mspwaves)

All in all, it still too soon to have any idea what will happen.

In any case, a lot of people (me included) started to power down to be more liquid on STEEM, just in case the worst happens.

Now, there is nothing we can do at the moment, just wait and see.

Let's hope that this end up being something good for Steem ecosystem, and not a hostile takeover.

But be ready for the worst.

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Comments 8

Hi @phgnomo

Any idea if there is any site I could watch archive of that streeming?
@tipu curate

16.02.2020 08:45

here it is with @aggroed comments

17.02.2020 04:59

Thank you

17.02.2020 07:42

Dear @phgnomo

I didn't have a chance to watch it. Did you? I wonder what's your opinion about entire situation right now buddy

@tipu curate

16.02.2020 08:47

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/20 - need recharge?)

16.02.2020 08:47

I just finished writing a draft about it. I will post it tomorrow.

17.02.2020 04:56

cool. Remember to share your link with me and the rest of us :)

17.02.2020 07:42

I missed the announcement, I remain in doubt that I will be what awaits us in the future with these changes.

17.02.2020 04:38