Decentralized Social Networks Sound Great. Too Bad They’ll Never Work | WIRED

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While i am still working on the sequel of the discussion i started here, about how the @sbdpotato experiment is a dud, sometimes i find some interesting articles that need to be shared.

This is one of them, that way more people around here should read.

I have been away from Steem for almost a year, and on this comeback, unfortunatly i am still seeing/reading a lot of stuff that only show me that people around here haven't got real after the 2017-18 overhype/bubble around cryptos ended.

It's weird to see how some people are still chanting how "amazing" Steem is, and how this blockchain is the future, and a bunch of other empty overhyped bullshit.

Don't get me wrong here. 

I still believe that there is a huge potential on what Steem can be (or else i wouldn't be coming back), but there is an urgent need to get real around here, specially those with big stakes.

### Outside Steem little bubble, no one cares about it. 

Don't you people think it's time to start changing that to allow this blockchain become what it can be?


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