Hashmart Presents Full Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the activities that were ushered in immediately after the launch of the pioneer crypto coin, Bitcoin (BTC). The approach o validating transactions soon underwent different changes in the coming years. The paradigm shift moved from the concentration of mining powers in dedicated mining farms to the use of cloud computation. The latter remained the norm for long until Hashmart was launched to bring a radical change to the entire process. The fascinating here is that it is based on the Bitcoin mining patter, which for now, remains one of the leading mining patterns in the crypto-sphere.

What is Hashmart?

Hashmart is a Bitcoin cloud mining service that uses the SHA256 mining algorithm to validate transactions faster than other models. The Siberian-based project (Hashmart) ensures that miners have seamless mining at all times. Read further to discover all there is to this project, and how it can bring about the much-needed transparency and security in cryptocurrency mining.

Maximum Performance at Low Costs

There’ no denying that many miners are frustrated after a few trials because of the low throughput in the traditional process. However, the game has changed with the integration of relevant architectures that make Hashmart one of the best Bitcoin cloud mining servers you can get out there.

First, it deploys a 15.5 Ph/s, which in my opinion, is a robust mining power that can serve many cryptocurrency mining purposes. In case you have some issues in the course of mining, you can always rely on the 24/7 customer support that is there to offer the needed help to scale your transactions. That is not leaving out the 99.97% uptime that assures you of maximum throughput. It’s also commendable because miners wouldn’t have to bother about delayed transaction nor the inability of the network to scale their transactions when many miners are active at a time.

Opening Up Cryptocurrencies for Massive Adoption

The inability of scaling cryptocurrencies from the digital dominance to gaining traction in the real-world is one of the factors that hinder the effective adoption of digital assets. It has been going on for long, but the invention of the fantastic Bitcoin mining contracts from hashmart is commendable.

The network/cloud mining service (Hashmart) allows miners to start Bitcoin mining with a fantastic contract sum of $25.80. The contract enables miners to mine for 12 months. It also covers the maintenance fee of the network throughout the timeframe of the transaction. Miners that do not want to use the 12-month Bitcoin contract of $25.80 may wish to use the Open-ended Bitcoin contract that starts from $29.40 (excluding the maintenance fee).

On the other hand, Hashmart posits that your mining starts immediately you have made your deposit. So, there’s no fear that your funds would be lost or would take time before the mining commences. Other features that make it affordable are the no withdrawal expenses and the no-barred transactions that allow you to withdraw as much as you want. Also, you don’t have to pay any service fee, just as you can enjoy daily payouts at the end of your mining/transaction validation.

Cloud Computation Prospects

Unarguable, cloud computation has many benefits, including the reduction of the use of mining equipment. Hashmart also recruited over 1,000 lively miners that help in validation transactions at the speed of light. Now, miners don’t have to buy any of those high-powered computation devices because all the mining process is conducted over-the-air. Besides, you can join the network using the real-time demo account that empowers you to learn the ropes until you become a professional in Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) mining.

Return on Investment

It’s a popular fact in the cryptocurrency community that the coins are volatile. Take the all-time high that many crypto coins attained in the year 2017 only to come crashing like a pack of cards in 2018. Since then, the currencies have been struggling to beat through the sea of red to trigger a bullish race, which, after some time, leads to the return of the bears. Bitcoin (BTC0 is not spared either, as the coin has had its fair share of vicissitudes.

Notwithstanding, the Open-Ended and the 12-Month Bitcoin mining contract options instituted by Hashmart is an informed step to help miners scale through the market, especially in bearish moments. For instance, the Open-Ended model allows you to retain your investments diversified. The 12-Month contract option also allows you to get daily payouts, which reduces the longer time wasted in waiting for returns on your investment.

If for any reason Bitcoin price crashes, you can be sure that the unique daily payout and the distinct contract options would allow you to end your service contract and acquire your reward. So, you’re at the winning side at all times.

Affiliate Program

Hashmart also instituted an affiliate program in continuation of the quest to empower miners to get impressive Returns on Investment (ROI). The single-tier affiliate program allows registered miners to refer other participants/miners to Hashmart. The referrers (registered miners) would get a unique code and a hyperlink, which they can use to refer others into the network. They would get a 5% fee on their referrals’ first order and another 5% on their first purchase of Bitcoin mining contracts.

What Kinds of Cryptocurrencies are Mineable on Hashmart?

Hashmart is strictly a Bitcoin cloud mining network. It uses the SHA256 mining algorithm to facilitate that. It also has advanced ASIC chips that empower you to mine crypto coins efficiently. Although it concentrates on Bitcoin (BTC) mining, for now, it is looking at the integration of other cryptocurrencies as the network advances.

Paying for Your Mining Power and the Payout Details

The primary medium of payment is using Bitcoin (BTC). However, Hashmart supports other payment options, such as credit/debit card and bank wire transfers. For miners that intend using bank transfers, Hashmart specifies that they should make the payment in EURO (EURO) in favor of the Cyprus Bank. Miners that use the credit/debit card option can pay using different currencies, such as RUB, EUR, and USD.

After purchasing the computation power (300 Gh/s for the 12-month Bitcoin mining contract and 250 Gh/s for the Open-Ended Bitcoin mining contract), miners can then expect a payout from their first day of mining.

Mine Bitcoin on Hashmart

Hashmart provides a soon-to-be industry format of cryptocurrency mining. Aside from the unique SHA256 mining algorithm, it also uses BITMAIN, which is one of the leading technologies from industry-leading companies. It also has the latest ASIC chips and air and immersion-cooling technology to step down the emission of power in the course of mining.

In light of these unique formulations, you needn’t take the back seat. Head over to the website, choose your desired plan, pay for it, and start mining Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies in the future) with ease.

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