This life is filled with colors

Hello best friends!!!

The picture that I uploaded in this post is a number of paintings of a grade 3 elementary school student, which I photographed with my smartphone.

However, this meeting did not discuss about paintings, but what will be discussed are the colors and warni contained in this picture.

Because what I saw in the painting was not a form of painting but I was interested in the color he poured into the paper through the canvas they had.

The colors they choose in determining a situation make me want to comment on their creative ideas in a situation. When I see the color chosen by children in determining an object, it certainly requires energy in pouring an idea so that a state of life is created.

Then it can be concluded that life in the world is full of colors.

  • See a life in a picture

When you look at the picture in the first upload then you see a life of people with all their busy lives in front of a building, everyone is doing their respective activities both children and adults.
Then what makes them feel alive because of the influence of the color poured in the painting itself.

Then you try to shift your scenery to real life and make a picture with your own imagination and then you will see the same activities as the situation in the picture.

Then try to contemplate whether the life you have created with your imagination is also full of color?

Of course the answer is yes! Because by presenting the original color or vice versa you will get a new life in your own imagination.

Likewise, the colors contained in the other pictures, everything you see is actually the color of life in the picture itself.

Then what makes you interested, of course, the colors you see by themselves either you see with your eyes or you see with your own imagination.

Likewise with life in this real world everything we see there is a variety of colors.

When your face looks towards the sky, what you see is a series of colors such as green, blue, white and other colors that resemble fellow colors. The point is that the sky is filled with a series of colors.

Likewise when your face looks towards the sea and mountains and cities, of course you will get a series of colors that are owned by every object whether human, animal, plant, nature and everything contained therein are all colors.

So thus where the difference between life in the picture and life in real life, of course, on both sides of life has a series of colors.

Thus a brief description of the meaning of an image in either real or imagined colors. Hope it is useful for all of us. Thank you very much.

Writing notes and photos
Photos location Medan, Indonesia
Cameramen @pharmasen
Camera MI Note 6
Source of knowledge Own ideas
Best Regard @pharmasen &

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