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Using steemauto to support the community

The post I wrote for @curangel yesterday, which called for minnows to fill the crab bucket, kept me busy for the whole day. On the sidelines I had an extremely cringy exchange with dobartim under one of his latest "quality posts" (only click if your mental health doesn't matter too much to you), which finally made haejin realize that I'm the guy behind curangel and gave me the honor to be added to his list of downvotes. If you read this haejin, please remove your witness vote from me, it feels so schizophrenical to still have that!

Being a target for him made me think I have to post more. Unfortunately I don't have much to say which I didn't already write about at the moment. But there's one thing that may be of interest.

We said we would be offering a trail for curangel soon, for those who want to help our efforts in supporting the broad userbase but still want to keep their VP to distribute some by themselves. Thanks to @nelyp I found out that steemauto offers both upvote and downvote trails, and they completely fulfill our requirements so we don't have to come up with something of our own.

I hereby declare the steemauto trails the official curangel trails, and recommend everyone who has been waiting for our own one to join these!

The descriptions read as follows:

Curangel keeps looking for small and undervalued posts with a team of 20+ manual curators. Our goal is to spread the rewards as far as possible, and currently upvote about 100 posts each single day.

Curangel downvotes are decided on by its delegators. A reason has to be provided, and personal beefs are not valid. Mostly targeting excessive self voting, colluding groups and bid bot abuse. Every 12 hours at 10 GMT 125% downvote power are spread between the nominated posts.

To join a trail, go to, and if you aren't registered there yet do so and give them access to your accounts posting authority with steemconnect.
Then choose either "curation trail" or "downvote trail" from the side menu.

Head on to the search box, and enter "curangel"

Click on "search" to see the details of the trail

Then click "follow" and confirm.
You will now have the option to change your settings.
The vote weight you should assign depends on your personal voting behaviour and other trails you may follow. Curangel uses all available votes every day (10 upvotes, 2.5 downvotes). So for the upvote trail, if you want to give out 5 upvotes per day yourself, leave it at 50%. If you only vote twice, set it to 80%. When you follow multiple trails you'll have to figure out yourself ;)
For the downvote trail, if you don't want to bother with downvotes at all just put it to 100%. If you want to give out one per day yourself you should set it to 60%, and so on.
IMPORTANT: leave the radio selection at the default "SCALE VOTING WEIGHT". Curangel votes a lot, and using a fixed weight higher than a few percent would quickly drain your mana bars.

Finally, click on "save settings" and you're done.
Happy trailing!

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