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I thought it's about time to take a short break from the social break.

No, I didn't disappear. You should know by now, I never do. Until I do, but that's either out of my hands then or you'll see it in my wallet.
Steem just has this tendency to drag me to places I don't wanna be in. My bubble/safe space is so different from what people on social media care about, or is it people in general?

Whatever. I love the world and the people in it, as long as I am able to filter out the fucktards and brainless turtles, which unfortunately isn't possible here. Which is why I need to stop being available for anyone from time to time (except those who are willing to go an extra step to reach me).

Curangel downvotes

@curangel downvotes had to be stopped because managing them became a full-time job. And not a fun one, so that there hasn't been any kind of recompensation (on the contrary - I lost positions in the witness ranking due to pissing off some well off people by reallocating a few dollars they were looking forward to have soon towards the broader community) wasn't the main driving factor.
I'm sick of telling people to read the whitepaper, and I generally don't plan to invest any more time into people who don't get what the word 'potential' means.

That said - I want to keep providing my downvote power to a group of "curators", so I changed the code of the downvote script a while ago to be able to hopefully work with less maintenance. If you're interested in beta testing that with me just submit a suggestion in the place where it used to be done, and I'll run them. Don't expect me on Discord anytime soon, except if the testing really requires it.

Power down period

If I were in the position to do so, I would not support a HF which does nothing but changing the period to another arbitrary number. I like the more elaborate ideas of @therealwolf, but don't consider a change to that part of the system a priority in the first place.


Did you know about ? I'm not great with advertising, but things just need to be plugged from time to time I guess. Go and make a steemian, now!

What else?

No idea. You tell me. I'm in the mood for answering questions. Or discussing your ideas. Get at me!

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