Streamit - Project Updates and News #3

Hello everyone, For now, and on I'll be sharing some weekly updates bringing the most recent of the Streamit project, everything that was done and the good things that are coming.

Price Frowing more than 20% in the last week, even in the bear market:

Streamit - Project Updates and News #3

Streamit Investment Program

We are happy to announce, that STREAMIT deposit Investment program is now live

  • You can invest 20, 50, 100 streamit coins or more and receive a stable income over a selected period of time 5, 10, 30 days
  • You can choose BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD investment level
  • Send your streamit coins to the specified address from the deposit table
  • Your streamit wallet address will be added after 120 confirmations to the deposit table
  • In 5, 10, 30 days, depending on the chosen level of investment you will receive back your deposit coins+earned coins
  • STREAMIT deposit investment program this is a stable income with high ROI
  • From now even small investor can make money with STREAMIT
  • You can find full information about STREAMIT deposit investment program on this channel #deposit-program or ask any questions @ STREAMIT

How Awesome is that?

  • We are pleased to announce that the first investors have already appeared in the investment program STREAMIT
  • It will be enough for you 5 minutes to start earning with STREAMIT
  • For example if you send 1000 streamit coins to BRONZE level wallet you receive in 5 days 1030 coins back.
    This way you will earn 75$
  • If you send 1000 streamit coins to SILVER level wallet you receive in 10 days 1060 coins back.
    This way you will earn 150$
  • If you send 1000 streamit coins to GOLD level wallet you receive in 30 days 1230 coins back.
    This way you will earn 575$
  • Start earning with STREAMIT today

Streamit BOT

We are happy to announce, that STREAMIT Twitch Bot reached 4000 users around the world

  • STREAMIT Coin is traded in leading global markets
  • We receive many listing offers from TOP CMC markets daily

More Exchanges Coming:

New Exchanges

Streamit is growing so much every day, as the development doesn't stop, team is working to bring even more decentralization to the project, bringing more new exchanges, giving more options to trade streamit, you can even try arbitrage with all the markets that are available for streamit.

On the occasion of the celebration of 2 months from the start of the STREAM network and a few days before listing STREAM on TOP-10 CMC market P2P

We are very happy to announce, that STREAMIT offers 10% bounty for coins purchased from exchange
We will give 10% bonus for every 10.000 coins purchased from exchanges, If you buy total of 18.000 coins we add the extra 2000 coins to complete the Masternode
Also the TOP buyers between this time period will be given an extra 10% bonus reward, You can find all our markets here:

P2PB2B is TOP-1 CMC market


You can start to trade now

Happy to announce, that STREAMIT was added to the Exchange Assets platform to Coin Club

Exchange Assets platform supports value of STREAM coins

Streamit Social Media links:


Available markets right now:


Crypto Bridge

CryptoBridge now requires mandatory KYC.


WhiteBit is TOP-90 Coin Market Cap


Vindax is TOP-30 on Coin Market Cap




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