O grande Airdrop De XLM Na Keybase chega ao fim.

O grande Airdrop De XLM Na Keybase chega ao fim.

Bom, todos que tem acompanhado o drop que foi muito bacana, mês passado, foram quase 50$ para cada usuario, creio que a dificuldade de validar contas legitimas e spammers fez com que a keybase resolvesse encerrar o aidrop, confira o post na integra:

UPDATE #5 December 10, 2019: This month will be our last of the Stellar Space Drop.

On the week starting Dec. 15, we will distribute the final 100 million Lumens among all qualifying members. The total giveaway amount will have been 300 million Lumens (approximately $16,000,000 USD).

While this giveaway mostly worked, it's clear that there will be decreasing returns and massively increased effort required. Why? Starting in the last week or so, hordes of fake people were beginning to come in, far beyond the capacity of Keybase or SDF to filter. It's is not in the Stellar network's interest to reward those people; it is also not in Keybase's interest to have them as Keybase users.

As we've said from the beginning, SDF reserves the right to end this giveaway early. The last month will go out, of course. If you are a legit, registered user, expect your share of 100 million Lumens next week.

Everyone else: registrations are now closed.

Thanks everyone!

Here is a related update about blocking and spam on Keybase. Many more app updates in the coming days.



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10.12.2019 21:36

Realmente parece que o maior motivo foi realmente este. Muitas contas criadas e, no fim, pouxo aumento de usuários ativos. No meu caso pelo menos serviu para realmente tornar o Keybase uma ferramenta do dia a dia. Pena que muito pouca gente use ele e o Telegram é ainda opte por ferramentas como o Whatsapp.

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11.12.2019 10:34

O app é muito bom, eu tenho usado tbm, eu queria que o drop durasse os 20 meses, seria bacana, mas tudo que é free a galera da um jeito de estragar :(

12.12.2019 21:14

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