35+ Reasons I Do Not Like Donald Trump

35+ reasons why I don’t like Donald Trump :
He authorized going forward with the North Dakota Access Pipeline despite the protest of the people.
See “Standing Rock Protests”, “Obama stopping DAPL due to protests” and The Chosen One going ahead with the selling out of Native Lands regardless of the will of the people or treaties.

Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video)

Prolific The Rapper x A Tribe Called Red - Black Snakes [Updated]

He sent a young Navy Seal lad to die in Yemen.

How the Trump Team's First Military Raid in Yemen Went Wrong

He employed limitless amount of swamp creatures into his cabinet (all people who funded his campaign or supported him one way or another). And they were so disgusting that even Shlump felt compelled to fire most of them, lol.

List of Goldman Sachs Alumni in Donald Trump’s Administration

He appointed Jeff Sessions (The hideous well known anti-liberty (he supported the Patriot Act and limitless NSA spying), anti-ganja Lich) as Attorney General.

He dialed back the Environmental Protection Agency but he did not implement an honest Environmental Council at all. Effectively giving a green light to industry to pollute the hell out of America without any oversight. In an effort to avoid succumbing to carbon taxes all damage to the environment is being neglected.

Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Climate Change Denialist, to Lead E.P.A.

He put in Gina Haspel who used to run a black ops CIA torture site as Head of The CIA.

Gina Haspel Is a Torturer. What Else Does the Senate Need to Know?

Trump’s CIA Pick Gina Haspel’s Gruesome War Crimes

He put in Mad Dog Mattis as Defense Secretary, a person known for committing war crimes.

Trump's 'red flags' on Mattis included 'controversial statements' and alleged leniency on war crimes

John Bolton as the next Defense Secretary, this guy had bloodlust unimaginable. He never saw a war he didn’t like.
What John Bolton's Past Tells Us About His Future As Trump's National Security Adviser (HBO)

Top 3 Charges on Which John Bolton Should Be Tried at Int’l Criminal Court

He bombed Syria in response to a false flag chemical attack conducted by (USA backed?) extremists in Syria, when Assad probably didn’t poison his own people just as the western interests were about to leave his country. So Shlump attacked an airfield and the majority of the 59 missiles missed, proving that America can’t hit the broad side of a barn with the latest Russian EM frequency scramblers in operation.
59 missiles, how many hit their targets? Sad… A big old profit making by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin as their stocks matured. And the airfield was in operation the next day, so that was a good use of 59 million dollars.

U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base Over Chemical Weapons Attack

‘Low efficiency’: Only 23 Tomahawk missiles out of 59 reached Syrian airfield, Russian MoD says

No attack, no victims, no chem weapons: Douma witnesses speak at OPCW briefing

He has spent 2.5 trillion of dollars (according to him during his UN Comedy Standup Routine) arming the United States military instead of building up American infrastructure, thus insuring that we won’t do anything but stupid meaningless military endeavors until the end of conceivable time, all paid for by the unborn tax payers who generations from now will be expected to pay for all this garbage + interest. So of course when you freebase all that tax money buying war paraphernalia you can spend the money in America and offer people lots of jobs participating in the general war effort. So he brags about jobs and the economy but in all actuality he is squandering the wealth of the future generations to create that appearance.

The Supreme Leader Chosen One and his masters at the ACLU / AIPAC / ADL has decided that no one can criticize Israel 2 under punishment of unconstitutional law. No Boycotting, Divestment, or Sanctioning against Israel for shooting killing and maiming thousands of unarmed protesters in Palestine. Garbage indeed for USA which is based on the privilege to protest (remember the old school Tea Party the founding fathers and mothers had?)


His tax plan and other adjustments favored the rich and reduced the various death taxes so that all the rich blokes and their families can retain their wealth after death. Ie, Insuring Despotism.

From private school tax breaks to bigger inheritances, 7 ways rich people win big if tax reform passes

Almost everyone in the Establishment dislikes him, both the left and the Rhino #NeverTrump Right so we have listened to 4 years of false garbage and terrible reporting and slander via every lame stream media outlet which makes everyone want to barf. The media is so toxic and full of biased reporting and fake spin that it is giving everyone a mental illness. Every day the media produces false news stories criticizing Shmegma Shlump for everything other than real issues. Somehow they spend all their time missing all the elephants in the room and focusing instead on made up shit that no one believes, especially once their narrative is discredited. This is because the lamestream media are a bunch of whoreistpondents who can’t tell the truth or they will die instantly like the wicked witch melting when she touched water. Which brings us to the issue of the Russian Collusian hoax narrative that we were all hostage to for 3 years. Its amazing that the DNC would go through that much trouble to cover the content of the various leaked DNC emails that had surfaced. They basically lied out their faceholes and accused Shlump of the very thing they were guilty of : “colluding with Russians”. Haha. This was done to distract attention from the actual content of the leaked DNC emails that had hella damning and incriminating information in them.

So instead of spending a moment reflecting on how the nomination had been stolen from Bernie Sanders resulting in the firing of Debbie Washerman Shultz and how Donna Brazil was leaking the debate questions in advance of the debate to Hillary (which got her fired). Instead they wanted us standing around like imbeciles asking, “Did Shlump collude with the Russians to manipulate the election?” Apparently people had not watched Infowars, Stephan Molyneux, and Mike Rivero every day during the election. I saw exactly why he won. He had tons of alternative media support and Hillary was a terrible candidate.

He is extending the charter for the NSA to conduct warrantless internet surveillance stealing everyone’s data indefinitely. Fully gutting the 4th Amendment. Of course it was gutted long before he got there of course.

Trump Administration seeks to permanently restore NSA program to spy on Americans

His Israel First, make Israel Great Again policies. He is an absolute tool for Israel 2. He made Jerusalem the capital of Israel 2 despite Jerusalem being considered Holy Land by Muslims and Christians too. It doesn’t matter whatever Israel wants Trump provides in spades.

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital in historic move

So much so that he took to the media and called himself “The Chosen One.” He pretended like he has the authority to grant the Golan Heights to Israel when it belongs to Syria.

Trump gives the Golan Heights to Israel
And for the entire span of his rule he has turned a blind eye to the heinous human rights violations that Israel 2 is conducting while they are shooting, killing and maiming thousands of unarmed protestors including children and the press and medics.

2018–19 Gaza border protests
Fatalities and injuries between 30 March and 31 December 2018
Gaza / Israel / Ratio
Live ammunition fatalities 183 / 0 / 183:0
live ammunition casualties 6106 / 0 / 6106:0
Shrapnel injuries 1576 / 1 / 1576: 1
rubber-coated bullet injuries 438 / 0 / 438:0
Tear-gas canister injuries 1084 / 0 / 1084:0
stone/explosive injuries 0 / 4 / 0:4

Not to mention turning a blind eye to the systematic bombing campaign that Israel has been enacting all over the middle east for the last couple months as of 9/27/19. He has basically given a green light to the vast and wicked Israel expansion endeavors that have ensued since Trump was elected. He is a tool so it isn’t surprising. Israel has attacked Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine over and over and over, civilian bodies are piling up but no one has anything detractive to say? They have been bombing in Gaza almost every day it seems like.





He definitely has the support of his masters in The Military Industrial Complex and Israel 2 (ADL, ACLU, AIPAC), which have a much greater voice than the people in America via lobby, mind control and propaganda.

The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers

Furthermore we have seen no actual investigation into the events of 911 and in fact only hypocrisy even in the face of the official narrative. Part of the ridiculous nature of what transpired was that there was a redacted missing 28 pages from the fraudulent flawed propaganda document the 911 Commission Report, and in these pages it was revealed that Saudi Arabia was one of the primary funders of 911.

This then somehow failed to beg any questions like “if Saudi Arabia was actually behind the attack what excuse did we have to invade Afghanistan, Palestine, & Iraq?”

The Redacted 28 Pages

Anyway Shlump decided to immediately sell Saudi Arabia billions of dollars of weapons. Saudi Arabia has staged public executions and beheadings of massive numbers of people recently and we will also add in there the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Saudi Arabia criticised for 48 beheadings in four months of 2018

Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Considering that Saudi Arabia is the primary funder and supporter of Extremist Islam the decision to supply them with weapons is highly questionable.

Saudi Arabia 'is undoubtedly at the top of the list' of countries funding Islamist terrorism in Britain, claims report

He sold billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia so they could butcher people in Yemen.


40 bloody blue backpacks. The despicable supreme self appointed chosen one has enabled the killing of vast numbers of civilians in Yemen via its support of Saudi Arabia and arms sales to them. Including the school bus full of children who no longer breathe air thanks to that Locheed and Martin missile that claimed their lives.

Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by the US

Trump has been participating in exacerbating one of the world’s greatest current humanitarian crisis’

Here is a history of the airstrikes on Yemen throughout the course of this conflict from WIKI.

It is possible that he laundered money for the Russian Jewish Mob by selling properties to them without asking where the money came from.

Donald Trump's business links to the mob - BBC Newsnight

He has stood around with a thumb up his keister while all his alternative media supporters are censored on the internet.

True FASCISM: Here’s the list of conservative news sites and figures who are being shadow-banned on Facebook, Google

(VIDEO)Google Whistleblower Goes Public,Turns In Laptop And Almost 1000 Pages Of Internal Docs To DOJ

While we are talking about brown thumbing it, what’s up with that so called “wall” he promised everyone that Mexico was going to pay for? I don’t actually think that a wall is really the answer but its just another thing that he promised his people that he has barely followed through on.

And while we are talking about unfulfilled promises, what about not getting involved in foreign entanglements like he verbally suggested? Well we got Syria, Niger, Venezuela, Libya, Afghanistan, and (cross your Divinity forsaken fingers Iran) where he has done exactly the opposite of his promises.
He has been a puppet yes man for the military industrial complex from day one.

He appointed total war mongering psycho/sociopaths into his administration like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, and so the whole world groans under the stupid pressure he have brought into world affairs.


The big picture: Niger and what we know about what happened to U.S. troops

He left the P5+1 deal with Iran thereby breaking the agreement (and then accuses them of breaking the agreement) and has been participating in endeavoring to drag them into war ever since, even going as far as to go along with the fake narratives and false flag reporting to try to get the support he needs for a war. This whole plan is interestingly described in intimate detail in the document called “Which Path To Persia” written in 2009. This means that the entire media circus and our posture against Iran is currently part of a plan that has been taking fruit for 11 years, furthermore showing that he is a good yes man for the Military Industrial Complex.

Which Path To Persia?

He endeavored to create a coup in Venezuela to overthrow the actual elected leader Nicholas Maduro and to appoint a guy who had not even run in the election at all : Juan Guido (a guy known around Washington DC) in the name of “democracy”. This is after attempting to kill Maduro in a drone attack. The crisis in Venezuela has been expedited by CIA involvement and USA Sanctions.

An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup

He sanctions many counties around the globe like Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran starving and killing the innocent the young and the impoverished.

Trump is Expanding the US Empire

He failed to help Julian Assange and instead has in fact betrayed him in all regards having turned his back on him and allowing prosecution after extradition to be the primary endeavor for the USA. This is after Assange helped Trump get elected with his DNC Email dumps through WIKILEAKS.

Julian Assange: Wikileaks co-founder arrested in London

Opinion | Where's the love for WikiLeaks now, Mr. President?

He has green lighted 5G technology regardless of the health concerns for humans and other creatures.
Resonance Beings of Frequency

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis

September 19, 2019 He blew apart a wedding party in Afghanistan killing women and children.

Afghan anti-Taliban raid kills some 40 civilians at wedding party

Hillary and Bill Clinton and their Clinton Foundation still walk free despite their numerous heinous crimes and extensive corruption.

25 and counting: Hillary's huge scandal list explodes

Clinton Foundation: White Collar Crime of Highest Order


He has not brought about election system reform, which is awful because the whole system is so flawed broken and hackable that it’s basically a joke.

"MASSIVE Election Fraud Seen In Primaries - A Full Summary"

New PROOF Bernie Sanders Actually WON The Primary (Probably)

U.S. voting machines are easily hackable, DEF CON report says

He is always embroiled in various scandals that show the depth of his chauvinism.
The “grab them by the pussy” comment and then of course the whole Stormy Daniels episode.

Donald Trump Makes Lewd Remarks About Women On Video | NBC News

Does the Stormy Daniels scandal matter? The $130,000 payment and more

He had Michel Cohen as his “fixer”. Not sure if this guy is honest (lol) but here is his testimony.
Michael Cohen Testimony live before the House Oversight Committee

He appointed Alexander Acosta, who got pedophile Jeffery Epstein his sweetheart deal to head the agency that oversees prosecuting human trafficking as Labor Secretary. No conflicts of interest to see here.

There has been no getting rid of the Obama care tax penalties and no better replacement for Obama Care in any way. Nothing has been done about the extraordinarily high prices on prescription medications and medical procedures.

His 4th grade speaking pattern. I thought he was being cunning speaking to America at such a basic level in order to get elected but unfortunately it seems that its actually how he really thinks and speaks. Listening to him is actually physically painful to my entire sense of right and wrong.

He is talking about pissing away billions of dollars more making a militarized “Space Force” to go weaponize space which is a very stupid proposition because war in our upper atmosphere would only result in us filling space with debris and verily make any real productive space travel much more difficult. Its just ridiculous, the nation is crumbling all around us and he wants to fiddle around in space.


I don’t personally believe that the person who is elected President really changes anything.

The Golden Rule is always in effect :
“Those Who Have All The Gold Make All The Rules”.

You can’t vote out The Federal Reserve, or The Military Industrial Complex or The Generals or The Corporate Business Owners. The Status Quo will be maintained in America regardless of the puppet who sits in the Oval Office. These people are ruthless and they will not hesitate to remove anyone who really stands in their way.

I feel that a personality like Donald Trump is very bad for America because of how divided everyone is on the subject. I feel like his vision for the future is pathetically narrow, serving only to maintain the status quo of Capitalism, with no real sense of improving things from here. He represents a desperate clinging to a way of living that is fading away, and instead of moving forward with designing plans for a Utopia and a better future for all he is trying to maintain the old ways. I feel like his heart is very small and shriveled like a prune. His lack of compassion for humanity in general makes him completely unable to achieve the task of leading America into a better future through the actions he undertakes today.

He is so out of touch with the needs, wants, and struggles of ordinary people and the youth in particular because he has never known poverty or financial hardships. He is utterly tonedeaf when it comes to responding to the desperation and need of the common people and the struggles facing the majority.

His sort of brutal mindless military “diplomacy” is the worst sort of conduct for America at this time. It is time we figure out how to help the world instead of dominate it. The conduct of Donald Trump is creating many enemies for America and it is making our future a much darker place.

It is just a continuance of that tired old story of Nation against Nation, Empire against Empire, People against People that has been occurring for the last 8,000 years has never really been solved.

People are still subject to their sociopathic rulers who march them off to war in order to gain “national security”. It has truly been every culture for itself.

There has not been enough work done to heal the Nations and to bridge the divide between cultures, skin colors, religions, or people’s. It’s an every dog for themselves situation out there. And that is a terrible situation if you ask me. Not only has there not been enough healing but vast amounts of fresh new bad blood is being cultured all over the world through these wars.

I cannot believe it. You can end thirst in Uganda with a couple million. You could end world hunger for a couple billion. You managed to spend the entire potential earnings of the entire nation for many years funding killing people.

Satan Applause for sure.

Not one more goddamn penny.
Maybe the time has come for Americans to all have a good old fashioned #WalkOutOnTheSystem.
Boycott Divest Sanction the United States Corporation for freebasing all the wealth of the unborn on futile vain and preposterous military endeavors that ruin the other nations of the world and all our future relations with them.

The time has come for people to decide to examine their hearts and minds, and to have a deep delving into the problems humanity is facing. The time has come for us to find a better way.

We are in 2019 people… I feel like we should have reached a more civilized state globally by now, especially with the Internet connecting all of us. We could design systems that provide everything everyone in the world needs.

All it takes for evil to proceed is for good people to do nothing.

Thank you for your time!

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