My Monday Rant and Excuse Me If It Was Too Rough - It Was My Intention!

Firstly, I would like to thank a few people for their posts that were an inspiration for my writings... @theycallmedan with his post about his Steemfest 4 thoughts and building on Steem, @soyrosa post where she is calling others for member recommendation to follow and a $100 APPICS post that should motivate everyone to start to create blog posts!!!

SteemFest 4 is over and if you didn't attend it, you have a bunch of videos on Youtube from live streaming sessions and you can (and SHOULD) check them here. I wasn't there and after watching all the videos, I said to myself that I will NEVER EVER miss any future SteemFest :)


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The main characteristic of this year SteemFest was building dApps on the platform... Everyone was talking about building and using this amazing and unique network and its cheap possibilities for developers, but also for the end-users. I heard a bunch of great ideas from amazing people that are coming from the future... They don't care that STEEM (and crypto in general) is volatile and the price is fluctuating (btw. it is normal for every market to fluctuate.. that's the point)...

So, on the one side, we have a bearish market, on the other side we have amazing developers that are building their apps RIGHT NOW, preparing their products for the days after... And on the third side, we have end users that are whining about the crypto prices, about the profitability, about the hard times... and everything else, without investing a penny in the journey... Really???

C'mon people... How much $$$ did you get for writing and commenting on FB? ZERO. So, if you get 1cent on STEEM, that is in theory, more than 100% that you got in other social networks... :)

It's a fact that there are fewer authors on STEEM than in 2017 when Steem was on the top... And, as @soyrosa said in her post, many authors don't engage with their audience... That is also one big problem that we have... This is a social network website and our existence here is a two-way street... We have to interact with our readers/viewers and appreciate their upvotes and comments... So, don't be shy to reply to comments or comment on someone's post...

And for the end... If your excuse is that you don't know to write, or you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, take a look at new APPICS app for mobile phones... Check out the picture down below and the number of USD inside it...

APPICS screenshot

Is that enough for you to take action?

PS. Oh, I've forgotten about curation... You don't have to create at all, you can just upvote others on the platform and earn money!


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i’m on the road. and tried to resteem but could t with esteem. but i will when i get home...


this is a must read for everyone. i still am not sure about the appics rewards as my apx over the past week has been not showing up. but still. these apps are the future. damn with the price lol

18.11.2019 21:59

Thank you, sir! I appreciate your comment... And regardless the Appics rewards, it's still a good moment to accumulate and get noticed!

18.11.2019 22:41

Making money as we speak...I mean write just by commenting this awesome post :) move those upvoting buttons peeps!

18.11.2019 22:07

Exactly... Thanks for commenting and giving me a chance to engage with you... :)

18.11.2019 22:39

Hi @ph1102. Thanks for your post. Great motivation as always. I always knew how to write, but didn't know how to formulate my writing for the steem platform. Once I started and learning how to conform it, I was on the way to creating content. And with training from CTP, tips from you and others, and great support encouragement, I'm getting better.

You do an awesome job of posting content that informs and inspire us all.

Take care.

18.11.2019 22:09

Oh, thank you so much for your kind words... This post shouldn't be too soft and emotional... My intention was to be more persuasive and harsh :)

18.11.2019 22:12

P.S. You got your point across. It only comes across harsh if you see yourself finding the shoe matches your size. Constructive criticism should be taken as attempt to help someone improve. Sometimes we just need a harsh reminder to catch our attention. That's the way I took it. And thanks for it.

18.11.2019 22:36

Wow this was amazing Zoltan, and don't apologise, if people think that it's better to create on Facebook who does not pay anything, than getting paid a bit less on Steem compared to before when prices where higher then they seriously have lost their logic and screwed up their priorities, by the way I suggest taking a look on the latest post from @mindtrap, he thinks the same, stay awesome.

18.11.2019 22:16

Totally agree with your Erik! And I saw the post from @mindtrap... It looks that we were writing similar posts in the same time... It nice when you have people that thinks in the same way... ;)

18.11.2019 23:18

Right on point Zoltan. 👍😀Posted with

19.11.2019 16:11

Great post and resteemed.

I’m just starting to be active here on Steemit again and even from February things have gotten a lot better. I still have my criticism, but $$$ isn’t one of them, and I agree, it shouldn’t be.

What the tokens really do for this social network vs others is that they allow the users to control the content, be the algorithm so to speak, and I like that.

In a recent post I even suggested that the $ value a post has earned isn’t valuable to the network and probably should be hidden in some frontends. If someone is really curious they can block explore, but for me it doesn’t add a lot of value.

18.11.2019 22:59

I just saw some of your posts and they are looking great, man! Please consider adding a "ctp" tag to some of those future posts with personal development, steem oriented, motivational topic... I like to upvote those kinds of posts with my CTP curation account! We need more people like you in our tribe! You got a new follower!

Thanks for the upvote, resteem and valuable comment!

18.11.2019 23:37

Hey @p1102

I just got off site and was thinking today, what are tribes? And how do you join them?

Also, what is the #CTP tribe? I'm very interested in personal development (not much on motivational, I'm more Jocko Willnick vs think and it will come), but would love to learn more.

As you likely read from my recent posts I'm really struggling on the discovery front and maybe Tribes are what I'm looking for.



19.11.2019 22:39

In a nutshell, tribes are little communities (usually niche-oriented) inside the Steem platform... You can imagine them like different frontends for specific topics... When you post something to certain tribe, your post is visible there and on STEEM also...

Good place to start is here:

and you can check my old posts regarding tribes topics --> you can find here links to Discord and Telegram groups for CTP tribe

And you have given me an idea for my future topic for the School of Steem series... I will soon write a blog post about them...

19.11.2019 23:40

I cannot agree with this post more!! YES! There are NO excuses for not participating in this amazing community. This is a platform that is USER friendly & we get paid for it.

Even more importantly, this is a chance for all of us to express our authenticity & share with the world our brands or what makes each of us unique. There is room for everyone. We can engage & get to know each other.

When I see people making excuses & complaining, it makes me nuts. If you want something badly enough, you WILL do it. This applies to content creators & curators alike. There won't be anything that will stop you. We all have things in our lives that might slow us down sometimes, but if it's important enough, we won't stop.

But first one needs to get out of their comfort zone and take that first step. START. When we begin, great things can happen. STOP the excuses!

So, thank you, my dear friend! I hope this will inspire others out there to just DO IT & create their path. We can't express this enough.❤️

19.11.2019 00:03

OMG, your comment was bigger rant than my whole post. :)
I totally agree with you, Pixiepost... We are improved FB and no EXCUSES!

Don't be this guy! We are a friendly community and we like to engage with you... ;)

19.11.2019 00:14

I love engaging with my audience. There’s a wealth of information that can be gleaned from interacting with people, watching their videos and such. APPICS is great.
I use eSteem and sometimes Partiko.

19.11.2019 03:57

Well, that's the point of social networks... Interaction with your audience... and here on Steem, with your friends... ;)
Thanks for the comment!

19.11.2019 10:34

Thanks for agreeing with me. There are plenty of people on here who don’t understand this.

19.11.2019 11:12

Nice Zoltan, real nice, and I see you even got the wip out (work in progress)!

What we need to do is to encourage fellow steemians to take baby steps. Sorry if I come across sounding like a primary (elementary) school teacher; actually, I used to be a primary school secretary!

First step is the Upvote, and keep doing that action until you know how to upvote. That's the triangle thingie next to the earnings thingie, the pointy-uppyety thingie. Do that heaps of times, then wait for your resource credits to build up. You can check your own activity on

Now you can toddle along to the Reply thingie and click on that. This is the place for your comments. Type in something constructively useful here, especially for the author, and hopefully something that will entice other steemians to reply. Do this right, and you will get paid when readers upvote your comments.

Nice, the author gets paid here, and so do you! Wow, if only the other social media sites would do that, sharing their earnings with their readers!

When you are ready, post your own article here on @SteemIt and reap what your sow.

Make a mistake? No problem, you get to edit here too! I'm one of hundreds of authors and curators awaiting the next generation to complete primary steem instruction and progress to their secondary challenge: repeat the above many times.

19.11.2019 06:21

You are right, Ian... That should be like that in theory... It's a pity that a lot of people quit before making the first step... :( But, that's the way it is... We have to stick to what we have and bring those people here that are stubborn, persistent and don't afraid of changes... ;)

19.11.2019 10:37

Wh00p! Great post :D The energy on SteemFest is amazing, I wasn't at this edition but I was at last years, and I'll definitely visit 'Edition 5' again, so we'll probably meet there ;-)

Appics is amazing, as will be communities, it won't look so sleek in the beginning, but it will be the start for 'serious' onboarding I believe. I think it's easier to onboard a person into a very narrow-topic community than to 'Steem in general'.

Anyway, baby steps, just keep on growing and having fun and saving up for a big journey next year to somewhere in this world where all the like-minded people meet up!

Cheers :-)

19.11.2019 12:32

Ah... onboarding problem is just a boring thing... :) Anyways, I share your opinion about it... One dApp will make a break overnight and that will be a BOOM! Maybe APPICS, maybe some other, we will see... Splinterlands are doing a great job, now we need a few more like it...

And yes, slow and steady is the right way... See you on the next SteemFest, Rosanne!
Thanks for the comment and follow!

19.11.2019 19:11

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19.11.2019 16:57

Thanks, TrufflePig! :)

19.11.2019 19:07

Great rant @ph1102, people need to get a kick in the butt and start taking action rather than whining, and as you said even 1 cent is more than they will get from Facebook, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

This is Awesome Content, and it has been manually curated with an upvote of 60% from @thisisawesome and it will be included in our Awesome Daily report in category Awesome CTP Curation for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Steem ecosystem by rewarding it".

19.11.2019 21:54

It looks like people like to be kicked in the butt... That's the only thing that we can do regularly... Kick people in the butt, reminding them to take action.. ;)

Thanks for your comment!

19.11.2019 23:23

so here is a platform that will pay you to post, comment and interact with others. one can share thoughts , opinions likes & dislikes and maybe met more common minded folks....oh and be compensated....
WIN! WIN! to me.
Look forward to how this unfolds in the next few years.

PS. Great graphic you created

22.11.2019 12:49

... and people still don't use this platform! Isn't that crazy? :)

I have met some really great people here... as you said common minded folks... And we have a great CTP community here...

This is indeed a WIN-WIN combination for everyone!

Thanks for comment!

22.11.2019 14:01