This CTP Badge Hunt can be a very exhausting thing... I had to take a rest and walk ...

... a bit to clear my head...


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Nice one Zoltan, sounds like you may have taken on a real challenge, buying 4 badges in your first Hunt. Good on you though Zoltan, for pushing yourself! In this way, you'll learn so much more being both a hunter and the prey, than just being a hunter.

Thanks for the 2 badges yesterday, and now I have 8 out of 40 = 20% from day 1. Day 2 has arrived so time to get another 20% or more. Hunts are all about prep and pace, the tortoise betting the hare, one badge at a time.

Have just an awesome day today, my friend.

16.12.2019 21:10

I have learned so much from older aff. marketing wolves... and I'm enjoying my time with this badge hunt... :)

16.12.2019 23:09

Well said Zoltan, just to be sure they're not all wolves, depending on the moon cycle! New moon is on Boxing Day, so you good to go for a few weeks yet.

16.12.2019 23:49

It's been difficult to hunt with a toddler who doesn't want to go to bed at night and no time at work to be at the pc..But I'll get all badges soon! And I saved 16 Unicorns while hunting today! ;)

16.12.2019 21:29

Just be careful not to hunt down some of those unicorns... :)

16.12.2019 23:10

I am very enthusiastic and excited for you Zoltan. I swear we either got the same mother or father. Lol. Hummm how old are you I wonder? Maybe I am your father. Lol

Joking aside I just find everything we do so similar. If I had time I would have got 4 badges for the hunt also.


16.12.2019 22:50

hahahaha... I'm a little bit more than 40... So, everything is possible... I don't have relatives in Canada, but, who knows... :)

Happy hunting!

16.12.2019 23:12

I am not quite old enough then. Lol

16.12.2019 23:14

Reflecting and focus on the prey Zoltan, it makes you more productive in the hunt, stay awesome.

16.12.2019 23:18

It looks that we have an experienced hunter here.... This guy ^^^^

16.12.2019 23:41

17.12.2019 16:14