Tap dancing to Bheki Mseleku's the light of love, and some background about the composer

Hi Dance and music community,

today I wanna share an improvisation to a piece of music I really like, called The Light of love by Bheki Mseleku.
The piece is from an Album Called beyond the stars and was recorded in London, but released only after his death. Bheki grew up in South Africa during apartheid. His father was very religious and didn't allow him to learn piano because he thought music would lead him the wrong way. But the family had an upright piano and when his father was gone his mother secretly gave him the key and he practiced and taught himself to learn the piano.

He lost two finger joints during an accident wich could have been treated, had apartheid not restricted medical care for black citizens. Despite that he managed to develop an extraordinary piano technique and style and was also a great composer.

When I bought this album on Bandcamp I couldn't stop listening Toni. I love solo piano and I find this album particularly beautiful.

Check it out here If you like.

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/T9iheji3WYyQTfFy5

I find his story so inspiring.

Here is my Improvisation to the song The light of Love and I hope you enjoy it!



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What you do is really exeptional. And beautiful. Bravo!

08.05.2021 19:48