New dance film, and inspiration behind it. concept dance and editing by me

Hi dance and music community,

I have a new screen dance short film ready for you! I filmed it recently in Victoria Park in London on Earth day. I was inspired by all the blossoming trees and the birds running around and screaming, squirrels having nests and everything waking up ready for summer.

I remember one time I asked Cleveland Watkins if he is ever worried about jobs after he had a period of quiet and less gigs and he answered, there's nothing to worry about, when I look into my garden and it's winter I wouldn't think my garden is worried about weather spring will come. the world just keeps going round and spring will appear. and when it gets warmer the trees and plants and animals are ready for it. That really stuck with me.


I am trying a faster editing style these days. and I am still getting used to premiere pro.

Everything is filmed on an iPhone 11pro. I actually think it is good for me to do one minute films at the moment because I get to try different concepts or ideas without a huge time commitment.


I hope you like the film and the pictures, I am trying to produce good content and also push myself to do new stuff at the same time, so I hope this works.

Also on the video you can see a little watermark which leads you to be able to subscribe on YouTube and that would be great if you could, because as you know is a hard platform to get started, but I am trying to get a better online presence, I think after corona it is quite important.

thank you for your support!!! ❤️

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Nice video @petrahaller, It's very nice watch a dance without music, and you video really impress me.

28.04.2021 19:52

Thank you! yes I want to experiment with ambient sound more. I am glad you like it!

29.04.2021 11:05

Nothing more inspiring than the sounds of mother nature lulling our ears. I congratulate you for this beautiful work. Keep it up!

29.04.2021 14:38

Thank you!

29.04.2021 21:28


30.04.2021 04:43

This video is really nice. I know youre a great dancer, but now I see youre a promising filmmaker too!

30.04.2021 15:24

Thank you!

30.04.2021 23:45

So beautiful!😊

30.04.2021 15:48