London is waking up from Lockdown - My first day back boxing

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is well! I had a super exciting day today because gyms opened in England and I was able to go boxing again.

As I told you boxing is super important for me and the best thing for my mental health!


How long was the gym closed? - How did I train in the meantime?

The gym was closed since end of December. pretty much everything was closed since then.

This time it was really difficult for me to keep my motivation up, I don't know why, maybe it is because it was winter. I did some general exercise and dance but nothing close to the workout you get boxing.

I lost a lot of muscle during the lockdown.


Somehow my punching power seems to have not decreased as much as everything else, because I left there with bruised knuckles and aching elbows and shoulders, but I was so happy.


Boxing is more than just a sport.

For me, boxing is more than a sport. It is a symbol of survival. It is a symbol of inner strength, persistence, discipline, fearlessness, hard work and focus.

I hope everyone is able to find something like this in their lives!


You can't see it here but there are two hashtag quotes written on the inside of my gloves.




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And she is back in the game!

12.04.2021 20:20