First conclusions after meditating for a month almost daily

Hi everyone,

Today I wanna share with you my first conclusions after meditating for a month.

why I started to meditate

I started to meditate because I wanted to get better control of my emotions and kind of protect my emotional well-being and stop people from stealing my energy. I am super sensitive and it is quite easy to get me out of balance, and I find it quite difficult to not get affected by other people's energy. I think because I am a very positive person a lot of people lean on my strength but then I end up carrying everybody's burden, which would be ok if I'd be able to protect my own energy rather than having it drained out of me but I couldn't.

I was hoping that by meditation I would learn to control my mind better.


My first steps

To get started I ordered some crystals, because I thought their energy would help me channel my energy, which actually works. I also found a sound based YouTube video:

This video is perfect for me, it is 30 minutes which I think is a really good amount of time for beginners and there is no-one talking. I hate guided meditations, normally I just get annoyed at the persons voice and spend most of the time grumpy about him or her talking rather than focusing on myself.

I try to either focus on my breath or repeat mantras to myself.



My main difficulty is quieting my mind. My head is always racing and I think the fact I have ADHD doesn't help either. I always tend to procrastinate and that robs a lot of time. Rather than just getting on with it I make it way more complicated than it needs to be. However I am trying to establish a routine and good habits around it.


First results

My first results are that I now actually like meditating, rather than seeing it as a chore. In the beginning I found it super difficult but then I realised that it started to make me feel much calmer, I was less anxious, and I also realised that every day I was attracted to different crystals and also experienced certain parts of the meditation much stronger. So basically I figured it was actually working and started to trust my body would subconsciously do the right thing.
Last but not least, I feel more at peace with myself.

One month is of course not a long time and I think it takes much longer to master meditating and to master your mind, but it is a good start so far.

I think I will maybe do another review after 6 months or so!

Let me know if you meditate!

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