DPS #4 | Peter Tweets Nonsense About Bitcoin... Again

Oh Peter....

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  1. You are a bitcoin hater.
  2. You use your platform to spread anti-bitcoin and anti-crypto propaganda in order to inflate your own Peter Schiff bubble of profit. You try to steer the consumer more towards gold, which is fine, but you do not have to hate on bitcoin to do that.
  3. There is something there to hate. The Bitcoin network is backed by it's ability to send and receive payments, share data, and timestamp data, backed by the most secure cryptocurrency network in the world. It's built on the blood sweat and tears of the developers, coders, and miners who secure the network. It's value grows daily as businesses and users develop more use cases and applications that use the bitcoin network to spread value.
  4. Bitcoin most likely will never see $1k again! Every 4 year halving cycle we have witnessed higher highs, and higher lows. So most likely we will not see it below $3k between now and the halving in May. We could see some more bearshness from traders up until the halving and shortly after, but that will just be whales taking advantage of noobs entering the market. Now, after the halving, we can most likely expect another bull run similar to what we saw in 2013 and 2017. We will then see a consolidation and pull back as usual. However, most likely, if the trend stays true, we will not see bitcoin go below $19k.

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Until next time, this is Deflating Peter Schiff!


Comments 5

Nice! The level of hate he spews against bitcoin is just awful.

28.10.2019 06:59

Pretty much! This Steem account will make him appear much smarter hahaha. One day, he'll ask me for it when he realizes the value of crypto.

29.10.2019 01:47

Nice! We need more parody accounts on here, if only just for the entertainment.

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29.10.2019 01:55

Well my hope is, that eventually this account gets his attention. Then maybe he will see a legit usecase for crypto and blockchain. Since he can't wrap his brain around a store of value, and one day a medium of exchange, maybe he can see the potential in a platform like Steem and how the tokens incentivize behavior, and of course the utility provided by powering up.

I highly doubt it will be anytime soon.

29.10.2019 02:00