Lego Wrestling Minifigure Spotlight - MJF

As much as I love my Legos, and their cool themes (Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter), they never seem to create the themes I'm into, like wrestling or baseball. So instead of crying about, well, I'll just make my own.

So one day, when you're not looking for an idea, but one comes upon me when I find a minifigure scarf. I don't think of winter, I think of wrestling, and wondering if I can create a minifigure of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, otherwise known as MJF.

So here he is, in all his plastic glory.


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Are you forgetting these guys???

17.01.2020 02:50

@brickmanbrad I have the first 3, and some minifig posts will come later on.

14.02.2020 04:52