Lego Ship in a Bottle

So what's the best thing to do when you get the Lego Ship in a Bottle set? Take out the pirate ship, and add two Star Wars ships instead. Didn't really say which ship needed to be in there.

And after that was completed, added some battery operated Christmas lights, to make it act as a night light as well.

The Force is strong with this one.

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This is cool! I didn't know Lego in a bottle sets existed...Now I do. Curated for @curangel mate...Keep up the good work.

12.01.2020 00:47

@galenkp Yeah, looks like the Ship in the Bottle Lego set is set to be retired, so finding it now becomes a little bit harder. Thanks for checking out my post, and thanks for the words of encouragement.

12.01.2020 05:02

Hmm, maybe one to be found second hand? Gotta be quick it seems.

12.01.2020 05:05

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12.01.2020 04:46