Victor Davis Hanson - Reason in a Time of Trump

Victor Davis Hanson - Reason in a Time of Trump - In an effort to feature brilliant minds that lend perspective to challenging topics, we offer Dr. Victor Davis Hanson. Victor earned a PhD in history and has spent his career writing books that his peers rave about. While we'll absolutely spend more time with Victor and his WWII books. Today's episode is about his latest, The Case For Trump.

Victor's credentials are impeccable. The reviews of his books are celebratory: and we're proud to feature him as our guest.

Today's host, Pete A Turner set out to land Dr. Hanson as a guest. This review caught his eye, "Hanson sets out calmly, cogently, urgently a corrective to the anti-Trump hysteria."―The Times (UK)

Rather than focus on hysteria, or hyperbole, Pete wanted to find someone who could deliver a reasonable view that would be consumable to all.

Look, we understand if on the face of this episode, the topic is intolerable, this isn't your episode...but if we want to understand one another, or gather some insight from a historian who explains complex things for a living...this IS an episode for you.

People rave about Victor's work and we do too.

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