Sammy Nestico - An American Treasure Made From Music

Sammy Nestico - An American Treasure Made From Music - This episode is our gift to all of you as we drop this episode on Christmas day. Sammy Nestico is a 95-year old composer. His home genre is swing and all you have to do is hear him talk about music to get it.

You have to watch Sammy's documentary.

Sammy has written and arranged music for dozens of TV shows. He's worked with Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Barbara Streisand, Quincy Jones and dozens of other giants from the music industry.

Speaking of producer/arrangers--here's Timmy Kelley

Get Sammy's book--it's PACKED with incredible stories and his documentary is absolutely 5-stars

Pete A Turner got a chance to sit with Sammy to discuss life, music and how to set up a horn choir...BTW it's 11 folks blowing on trombones, trumpets and saxophones.

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