COL John McKay - SFAB Elements, Adv Partnering, & Forming Relationships

COL John McKay - SFAB Elements, Adv Partnering, & Forming Relationships - US Marine COL John McKay (ret) joins Pete A Turner on the Break It Down Show. As we continue our episodes focused on SFAB/MATA military advisor training, John and Pete talk about the element of "Advanced Partnering." The notes in this episode are valuable outside of the military as well.

The books John recommends in this episode are hard to find--but they are available at in the episode link.
Book Titles--
Sacred Rage by Robin Wright
Doctrina de Acción Contrarevollucinaria

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John's been a frequent guest and we always recommend that you take the time to review his past episodes. His experiences are going to be chronicled in his upcoming autobiography.

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Smartest in the room
Learns nothing from their partner
Succeed through culture

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