I have a problem with a Steemit account related to Wallet.

I have a problem with a Steemit account related to Wallet.


I have never saved an ON key. However, I save MASTER PASSWORD and POST KEY.

(All because of my ignorance about Steemit at that time. When I just joined Steemit.)

But the problem now is: I can't do POWER UP and POWER DOWN.

This is the chronology!

A few months ago, I uninstalled the Google Crome browser from my cellphone. It turned out that the Steemit password was also deleted. Since then, I can no longer do POWER UP and POWER DOWN.

Finally, I tried to log in with the MASTER PASSWORD that I saved but FAILED. I lost the Ownership Key, he said.

But when I LOGIN with POST KEY, it works. But the problem is, I can't do POWER UP and POWER DOWN by using the POST KEY button.

Now, what should I do to get POWER UP or POWER DOWN ??

Please help a friend.🙏

Best Regards,

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Saya mengerti itu bguntuk melakukan power up dan power down, itu memang tidak bisa dengan kunci master key. namun jika ingin mendapatkan kembali kunci aktif key, itu bisa yaitu dengan mengunakan kunci master key.
fungsi kunci master adalah Atur ulang kunci Pemilik, Aktif, dan Posting,dapat kembali memulihkan akun,dan Tolak hak suara.
jika abg belum mengerti,bg bisa telepon saya. Insyaallah saya bisa bantaya 085261744473saya 085251744473

08.05.2020 20:21

Terima kasih banyak

09.05.2020 16:53

Sorry to hear you have trouble. Have you access too all the keys in the wallet? If you have try them ( you have probably done it). If you have lost the password you got when registered on steemit I don't know what to do.

09.05.2020 08:41


Thanks, Harkar.

09.05.2020 16:53

Have you resolve your problem?
If not, please do reply back.

22.06.2020 11:27

Hi @blockcleaner, thank you!

Not yet! I would like to share a little happiness with you, if you can solve the problem transparently here. You just need to write down a few things or steps that I might not do. Thank you very much my friend.🙏

22.06.2020 17:16