The Steem News @ 5 March 2020 - Special Edition - Another meeting between Tron and the witnesses...

The Steem / Tron story moved into another day.

The tug of war continued on the witness top 20 battleground.

More positively further dialogue took place with a 3 hour meeting between Roy Liu of Tron and the witnesses.


The recording of the closed meeting arranged in the Town Hall today is now available.

It was attended by Roy Liu from the Tron Foundation, as well as Eli Powell of Steemit Inc.

The meeting was moderated by @starkerz, and attended by a considerable number of witnesses including @ausbitbank, @crimsonclad, @cervantes, @theycallmedan, @fredrikaa, @followbtcnews, @thecryptodrive, @acidyo, @drakos, @someguy123, @themarkymark, @aggroed, @mcfarhat, @lukestokes, @transisto, @birdinc, @jarvie...

More details of the meeting will follow but early in the meeting Roy Liu did state that Tron has no interest in governance of Steem and is willing to figure out a way to gradually withdraw the Tron backed witnesses.

In return Roy stated that there needs to be a way worked out to get the exchanges powered down quickly so they can get out.

Witnesses & Dialogue

The ongoing battle for the top 20 witness slots continued apace today.

With the additional support of the Korean @proxy.token vote the 'old school' witnesses managed to hold on to the top 7 slots, and were later joined at #8, #9 and #10 by @gtg, @themarkymark and @aggroed respectively. @steempress subsequently slipped into the top 20 at #19 with the help of the large vote of @trafalgar.

Justin Sun's Witness Voting Policy

Around noon UTC Justin Sun put out a post on Steem entitled '@Justinsunsteemit witness voting policy'.

In this post he laid out 11 questions to witnesses that might want his support.

The post received a hostile reception, with a large number of downvotes and negative comments.

The content of the post was subsequently deleted but the comments, including the responses from a number of witnesses remain...

The responses and comments were almost universally negative, with the exception of the response from @exyle of the @blockbrothers witness...

A few hours later @brittandjosie resigned as the Community Manager for the Blockbrothers witness...

Town Hall Meeting & Surprise Guests

At 5pm UTC, the 4th daily emergency Town Hall hosted by @r0nd0n and @aggroed, began in PAL/MSP...

Unexpectedly Roy Liu, Head Of Business & Corporate Development at the Tron Foundation, along with Steemit Inc MD @elipowell, joined the meeting.

After some discussion between Roy and a number of the witnesses present it was determined that a private meeting should be arranged as soon as possible to make progress.

That meeting took place at 11pm UTC today.

A recording of that meeting has now been released.

Ned Scott's Discord

While the Town Hall meeting was going Ned Scott, former owner of Steemit Inc, posted that he was hosting a meeting in his Discord server.

The meeting was a one-way meeting with @ned outlining his views of the the current situation as well as answering some questions from the audience chat...

@ura-soul posted a commentary on the meetings and other events of the day...

News from the Exchanges

Some interesting, and largely positive, developments with the exchanges today.

The Biteeu Exchange announced on Twitter that is now listing STEEM...

Biteeu is based in Estonia, and operates its services in partnership with Bittrex.

This follows an earlier announcement from KuCoin, The People's Exchange, that they plan soon to be listing STEEM...

And more controversially the Poloniex Exchange, that is part owned by Tron and has been involved in the witness voting on Steem, tweeted that it is resuming the listing of STEEM...

It subsequently added...

Customers who previously held STEEM:
If you did not withdraw your STEEM prior to our recent delisting, you will once again see your STEEM balance in your Poloniex account. You’re now able to withdraw and trade your STEEM however you choose

Views from the Witnesses

The witnesses are at the heart of the debate, here are some of their views...

Views from the Community

The community are still expressing their varying views about the current situation...

Coverage in the Crypto Media

These current activities on Steem are attracting considerable attention in the crypto media...

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Comments 14

I don’t disrespect the stance @blockbrothers has taken throughout this time, but I’m surprised to see the willingness to remove downvotes from the Steem system. That’s a non starter for me and loses my support.

Thanks for your recaps! I’m following everything as much as I can but would miss a lot without them. It’s an invaluable service!

06.03.2020 04:28

Glad you find the News posts useful.

The downvote issue hasn't been mentioned in the Tron / witness meeting from what I have listened to so far..

06.03.2020 04:32

Not surprising. I don't think it's at all a critical issue to Tron, it was simply a political move to align with the Korean community who are pushing for no downvotes.

06.03.2020 04:38

Interesting times ahead for Steemit and STEEM. This has galvanized the community to fight JS and his allies. Great to see everyone pulling together.

Posted using Partiko Android

06.03.2020 04:31

Ned must be getting some heat, cause he has been active lately.

Dude needs to step back and get a lawyer if necessary, we don't want/need his opinion.

Take your 10 mil and run boi! Make them last, you're burned for at least a decade.

Posted via Steemleo

06.03.2020 04:47

Thank you @pennsif for the comprehensive coverage, as always! <3


06.03.2020 06:23

Thanks for sharing this information @pennsif. After listing this meeting and attending the previous two town hall meetings, I come to the conclusion that many of the top witnesses simply don't get it and are not interested in a constructive way forward but are only interested to get back to their old spot.

06.03.2020 08:27

I'm about half way through this current one, and I'm actually quite annoyed with a few of the witnesses. They keep repeating questions that was already answered, he's said they will power down, and the witnesses just keep beating the same dead horse. They are elected by the community, thus I believe they should be a lot more diplomatic in their approach. You are just talking at the moment, so why keep asking to power down, as if he's in front a button he can just do it now. Take their word for now, then if they don't do what they say, you can prove it very easily later with this very recording.

The argument about not doing a hard fork for the power down is valid tho, but just be a bit more civil about it all.

07.03.2020 00:28

I agree and hope the next meeting, if there is one, is more productive.

07.03.2020 09:59

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06.03.2020 14:16

Just glad that other exchanges are supporting the Steem community. Gotta give them a chance and prove it!

06.03.2020 14:50

You are the best Steem journalist!

06.03.2020 15:45

Great to have all this info in 1 place. Thx!

06.03.2020 16:42

Hi @pennsif, how would a strategy look like to bring the Steem/Tron issue into mainstream quality media? I‘d love to see it foster a debate on blockchain as motor of decentralisation.

Posted using Partiko iOS

06.03.2020 20:25