The Steem News @ 30 August 2019

TravelFeed breaks new ground with EasySignUp and EasyLogin.

The Steem Proposal System is growing well and become clearer.

There is a SteemFest update, a DTube application and a Reviewhunt guide.

And also news from Steemleo, Forum, BuildTeam and

As well as high prize contests from @ecoinstant and @theycallmedan.

1. TravelFeed introduces EasySignUp and EasyLogin

Steem based travel app @travelfeed has broken new ground by introducing a much simplified signup and login procedure to attract and help new users. They are also offering free accounts to travel writers who would like to join the platform...

Starting today, TravelFeed is the first dApp based on the Steem blockchain to offer free, easy account creation and login. New users who might be unfamiliar with crypto keys, or the cryptic processes which secure them, won’t even blink an eye through our easy onboarding process we're calling EasySignUp.

2. The Steem Proposal System...

The Steem Proposal System is progressing well.

After @blocktrades removed its vote from @gtg's Return Proposal to lower the acceptance threshold @inertia's Documentation proposal has moved to the top of the list.

This means @inertia will begin to receive payments from the @steem.dao fund when his proposal goes active on 1 September. However it will be a few more days before he receives his full daily request of 130 SBD as the SPS daily budget has so far only reached 70 SBD. It is currently growing by about 20 SBD per day.

Who has voted on each proposal can be seen by clicking on the proposal title in this Github list.

With the removal of the large @blocktrades vote the threshold set by the Return Proposal now stands at just under 7.5 million SP. However more votes may be removed from the Return Proposal to allow further proposals into the funding zone.

The next proposals in line by @dlux-io and @thecryptodrive are both on about 2.25 million SP of votes.

In a comment on yesterday's Steem News developer @gtg also confirmed that there is no limit to how many proposals each Steem account can vote on. The SPS interfaces also allow votes to be removed.

A few other clarifications are now coming in for the SPS...

  • only owned SteemPower counts for votes not delegated SP
  • Steemit Inc employees will be voting on proposals
  • votes can proxied for SPS voting.

This last pointed regarding proxies has been explained more fully by witness @therealwolf...

@dmitrydao has now added Keychain support for voting to his SteemProposals portal...

3. SteemFest update

SteemFest organiser @roelandp has posted an update on this year's event in Bangkok.

There is news about the Travel Reimbursement Fund SPS proposal, new speakers (@vikonomics, @buttcoins, @mynewlife, @stoodkev), the city trip and the Day 1 conference venue, and the ticket price rise...

4. DTube Delegation Application

@dtube has submitted its application to the @delegationtrust for the continuance of its delegation from Steemit Inc...

5. Reviewhunt - how it works

@jayplayco has posted the second in the series about how @steemhunt's Reviewhunt platform works. This one covers how to join a campaign.

For anyone who wants to get involved with Reviewhunt these guides are an excellent starting point...

The first in the series covered the Reviewhunt dashboard...

@taskmaster4450 has posted about the potential of Reviewhunt. He cites @steemhunt's tweet about the recent promotion success @buzzi has had using Reviewhunt for 1/7th of the cost of using Facebook...

6. Steemleo introduces LABS

SteemLeo has introduced the 'Leo Accelerator for Businesses on Steem' (LABS) to assist and advise new tribes setting up through

A fee is charged in LEO tokens for the service, which acts as another sink for the token...

7. Forum 2020

@hauptmann and @tibfox of have announced where and when Forum 2020 will take place. It will be in Hamburg Germany from 15- 17 May...

8. BuildTeam Hardfork T-shirts

With two hardforks in one week maybe now is the time to grab a hardfork t-shirt from the @buildteam store...

9. adds downvote trail

Developer @holger80 has announced that a downvote trail facility has been added to the automatic voting system...

10. Win, win, win with Steem!

@ecoinstant has announced a new contest with a 333 STEEM prize pool to highlight future projects built on Steem...

@theycallmedan has posted a reminder that his #NewSteem Twitter Memes & Gif Contest runs until 6 September. The first prize is 530 SteemPower and a 5,300 Steem Power delegation for one year...

KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

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Steem price US$ 0.163 31 Aug '19 00:01am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.814 31 Aug '19 00:01am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #80 (-1) 31 Aug '19 00:01am UTC
FCAS Score 815 (-1) / A / #15 31 Aug '19 00:01am UTC
No. of Whales 36 (n/c ) 29 Aug '19
No. of Orcas 339 (+2) 29 Aug '19
No. of Dolphins 2107 (n/c) 29 Aug '19
No. of Minnows 9303 (-4) 29 Aug '19
Alexa rank ( #6,004 (-41) 31 Aug '19 00:01am UTC
Unique visitors ( 227,361 / day 31 Aug '19 00:01am UTC

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