The Steem News @ 28 September 2019

The Splinterlands book arrives.

SteemKnights beta begins, NextColony reveals more about Yamato, and Steemauto adds Downvote Trails.

And there is news and discussion about the Nobel charity, EpicDice, ReggaeSteem, INCOME, the Steem Proposal System and Finland's first Steem meetup...

1. New Book from Splinterlands

Splinterlands Lore Master @chrisroberts reveals the new book from the game - "Splinterlands - Encyclopedia of the Splinters".

The book contains 200 pages of original stories, descriptions of invented beasts and monsters, non-player characters, timelines, cultural and geographical information as well as over 100 original illustrations.

This book is a limited edition collector's item. The pdf electronic version of the book will be available to all @steemmonsters players, but the only way to obtain a physical version will be by making the appropriate contribution on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign...

2. SteemKnights beta begins

Steem's first 3D mobile multiplayer game @steemknights has now opened its beta release...

@simplymike, @lordbutterfly and @therealwolf are among the first players to post their thoughts on the game...

3. NextColony reveals more about Yamato

Steem space game @NextColony has revealed more details about the new Yamato module which will be launched on 15 November...

4. Steemauto adds Downvote Trails

Witness developer @mahdiyari has added a new Downvote Trail feature to Steemauto...

5. Nobel charity launches tribe site

Founder @achimmertens has posted that his Nobel charity has launched its tribe site based on Nitrous and the NOBEL token at

6. EpicDice embraces NewSteem

In the spirit of #newsteem gaming platform @epicdice has announced that it will no longer be selling its voting power to @smartsteem. Instead it will be trailing curation of manual curators @smartsteem, @curie and @curangel.

EpicDice is also offering a prize worth 70 STEEM for the design of a new loading GIF...

7. ReggaeSteem trials advertising

ReggaeSteem is testing out advertising on its ReggaeTube site using A-ads, the ‘anonymous’ Bitcoin advertising network...

8. INCOME in an instant

Project creator @ecoinstant gives more details about the operation of the INCOME entertainment token...

9. Steem Proposal System update

@inertia has posted details of the final merge of his DevPortal Documentation work that has been supported by the Steem Proposal System (SPS) for the past 29 days...

He has now submitted a second proposal to continue the documentation project for a further 3 months...

Alongside @inertia the SPS is currently funding proposals by @steemchiller and @howo. The daily budget available is now over 500SBD...

10. Finland's first Steem Meetup

Saturday saw the first annual Steem Meetup in Finland organised by 'the dried fruit guy' @celestal.

The event was held in Tampere and was attended by @celestal, @eveuncovered, @insaneworks, @markkujantunen, @momone, @tarazkp and young steemian @smallsteps...

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Steem price US$ 0.134 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.656 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #78 (+2) 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
FCAS Score 815 (+4) / A / #18 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
No. of Whales 39 (n/c) 27 Sep '19
No. of Orcas 355 (n/c) 27 Sep '19
No. of Dolphins 2153 (n/c) 27 Sep '19
No. of Minnows 9249 (+8) 27 Sep '19
Alexa rank ( #7,930 (-77) 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
Unique visitors ( 160,510 / day 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
Page views ( 407,695 / day 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
Alexa rank ( #69,950 (+319) 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
Unique visitors ( 14,252 / day 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC
Page views ( 64,136 / day 29 Sep '19 02:50am UTC

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Comments 11

Hi @pennsif,
Thank you for mentioning the site.

Posted using Partiko Android

29.09.2019 12:56

You are welcome. If you would like to come on to talk about your project sometime message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

29.09.2019 15:47

I feel that most of the games that started on steem to make the blockchain more entertaining looted people in the end. It is hard to believe them after having seen so many liers on this platform.

29.09.2019 14:19

All new games need to build up trust with their player base.

29.09.2019 15:51

Downvote trails are very interesting to me. I have an extra account that has some spare power for that. I want to keep control over what I downvote, so I may not follow other people for this.

29.09.2019 15:19

Yes they could be a very useful utility.

29.09.2019 15:48

I've already tried this out. My other account has a good amount of SP delegated to it, but the downvote capability is underused. I can only take off a few cents anyway. I actually had a very good response today from someone I downvoted. He is going to change how he operates. Meanwhile another is compiling a 'hit list' of 'talentless people' who downvote. Some get #NewSteem and others do not.

29.09.2019 15:52

Good to hear of a positive response.

29.09.2019 20:21

Great mention of Reggaesteem in your news. These guys are legit!

Seriously disappointed with Next Colony, that game is promoting an Oligarchy.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

29.09.2019 15:21

I am looking forward to talking with the ReggaeSteem team on my show tomorrow...

29.09.2019 15:50

I am glad to read ReggaeSteem in your steem news, @pennsif. Thanks.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

29.09.2019 18:08