The Steem News @ 26 February 2020 - the price is falling, but Steem steems on...

Video on Demand coming to Vimm.

Also in this edition there is news and updates about SPUD XI, Splinterlands, free badges on Steempeak, Rada Quest, IBT Survival Island, AltYes, and EverGreen Rewards.

And there are more additions to the Diary Dates section as well as regular updates on the Steem Foundation and the Steem Proposal System, another Featured Contest, and an expanded Community Watch with new communities to check out.

1. Video on Demand coming to Vimm

@ddrfr33k has announced that @vimm is in the final testing stages of implementing Video on Demand to provide VOD replays for streamers.

The new facility that developer @chiren has been working on will include a 3 tier system for different lengths of video storage...

2. SPUD XI is coming on Sunday

The 11th episode of @streetstyle's Steem Power Up Day (SPUD) promotional event takes place on Sunday 1 March.

This will be an ideal day to power up your liquid STEEM as there is over 13,000 SP of delegation on offer as prizes for the top SPUDders, thanks to sponsors @xpilar, @reflektor, @hingsten, @sultan-aceh, @davedickeyyall, @mcoinz79, @improv, @bippe and @streetstyle...

Directory of Geographic Communities for Countries, Regions & Cities - is yours listed?

3. Splinterlands Development Update

@splinterlands have posted an update on current developments including news about Tournament Allowed Card Updates, Anytime Tournaments, Player Profile Updates / Achievements, and WAX Integration...

4. Free Badges on Steempeak

@steempeak has produced a guide on how to set up a Badge on Steempeak.

They are also offering the first 50 badges for free...

5. Rada Quest launches Gems Mini-Game

@radaquest have opened a public beta for the new Gems mini-game...

6. IBT Survival Island update

@ibt-survival has posted an update on the latest progress on the development of the game...

7. AltYes - how to use it

@enginewitty has posted more information on how to use the new AltYes sharing extension...

8. EverGreen Rewards

@artemislives has announced a new curation project that she and @riverflows are working on to provide 'evergreen rewards' for promising authors beyond the 7 day voting rewards window...

Tron & the Soft Fork

Still much comment on the topics of the moment, here is a selection of the more informative / interesting posts...

Steem Proposal System update

The Steem Proposal System (SPS) today has a daily funding budget available of approximately 2677 SBD.

There are now 8 proposals receiving funding from the SPS - @yabapmatt (Steem Keychain), @netuoso (Vessel Desktop Wallet), @anyx (API infrastructure), @howo (SMT testing), @thecryptodrive (Power Down reduction), @thecryptodrive (SBD Potato Top Up), @steemonboarding (Steem Onboarding), @thecryptodrive (anti - Power Down reduction) and @themarkymark (Global Blacklist API).

These successful proposals are currently receiving a total of 817 SBD per day from the SPS...

@themarkymark's Global Blacklist AP proposal submitted 5 months ago has moved into the funding zone for the first time today, receiving 20 SBD per day from the SPS...

Steem Foundation update

The Steem Foundation has issued a statement confirming it position in light of the recent sale of Steemit Inc to the Tron Foundation.

The Board looks forward to finding ways to work with the Tron Foundation in furthering our mission to the benefit of the Steem ecosystem.

Justin Sun has stated a desire to invest more into marketing Steem and supporting its growth and development. We're very interested in seeing this happen.

Our goal as an entity is as always to support the vision of the decentralized Steem Blockchain and its ecosystem. We are 100% committed to the Steem Community and its stability, autonomy, and prosperity...

The Steem Alliance Community Foundation @steemalliance have released the minutes of their last two meetings attended by @shadowspub, @phage93, @alexvan, @guiltyparties, @transisto, @aggroed and @inthenow...

Their next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 26 February 2020.

Community Watch

@pennsif has been exploring the potential of geographically focused communities as a vehicle for marketing steem...

Following on from that @pennsif has now produced the first Directory of Geographic Communities...

Here are a selection of new communities that have caught my eye...

For a list of all the current contests on Steem check out this new list from @pennsif...

If you know of any current contests missing from the list leave a comment for @pennsif or message him on Discord @Pennsif#9921.

Dates for your Diary...

For a full list of Steem Meetups and Events...

If you are organising a Steem event or meetup check out the new funding support program from Fundition...

Thursday 27 February - Adelaide Monthly Steem Meetup

Organised by @mattclarke, 6pm local time at The Jade Monkey, Flinders Street, Central Business District, Adelaide.

Saturday 29 February - Steem Meetup in Graz

Meetup in Graz, Austria. Organised by @reiseamateur

Sunday 1 March - SPUD #11

Steem Power Up Day #11. Organised by @streetstyle, sponsored by @xpilar and others...

Tuesday 3 March - The Steeming Pile, Vimm.TV

@johnspalding's live streamed open broadcast 'The Steeming Pile' is back, with new co-host @pennsif...

The recording of the last edition of 'The Steeming Pile' is now available...

Wednesday 4 March - Steem Philippines Weekly Meetup

Meetings every Wednesday in Davao City organised by @chrisrice and @steem-ph...

Friday 6 March - SoCal Steem Meetup

For Steemians in Southern California. Organised by @socalsteemit at Taco Surf...

Saturday 25 April - SteemCampUK #3

Organised by @shanibeer and @lloyddavis in Leicester...

Friday 15 - Sunday 17 May - DTube Forum 2020

Organised by @hauptmann, @artakush, @greencross, @sergiomendes and @tibfox in Hamburg, Germany...

Saturday 20 June - Steem Canna Fest 2

Organised by @canna-curate in Portland, Oregon...

Tuesday 23 June - Sunday 28 June - The BLOCK Party, USA

The second annual BLOCK Party being organised by @enginewitty, @bluefinstudios and @dreemsteem. It has now been confirmed that the event will take place in Olcott, NY...

@bluefinstudios is also organising a Steem Summit at The BLOCK Party...

Friday 26 June - Sunday 28 June - JAHMFest2020, Jamaica

Organised by @donald.porter and the @ReggaeSteem team...

KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

Steem price US$ 0.163 26 Feb '20 7.14pm UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #83 26 Feb '20 7.14pm UTC
FCAS Score 756 / A 26 Feb '20 7.14pm UTC
SBD price US$ 0.687 26 Feb '20 7.14pm UTC
No. of Whales 37 25 Feb '20
No. of Orcas 365 25 Feb '20
No. of Dolphins 2217 25 Feb '20
No. of Minnows 9302 25 Feb '20
Alexa rank ( #14,778 26 Feb '20 7.10pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 217,740 / day 26 Feb '20 7.10pm UTC
Page views ( 500,802 / day 26 Feb '20 7.10pm UTC

Follow @penguinpablo & @steem-data for more statistics.

This is #269 (26 Feb '20) of this daily news service.

[ graphics by @pennsif / Splinterlands ]

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