The Steem News @ 17 September 2019

SMT Testnet coming soon.

3Speak launches Communities.

And there is news about Bid-Bot delegations, Nitrous ads, SteemLeo burns, OCD Steem Onboarding, Forum 2020, reducing powerdown times, a SteemBnB and Steem ads...

1. SMT Testnet arriving very soon

The Steemit Inc team has posted very positive news on the progress of the Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) development.

Work is on target and the SMT testnet should be available in the next few weeks...

2. 3Speak launches Communities

Steem's free speech video platform @threespeak have released their new 'Communities' feature to improve content discovery.

There is a one time fee of 500 SPEAK tokens to set up a community...

3. Delegations to Bid-Bots post HF21

Steem data analyst @abh12345 has been looking at the numbers to see if delegations to bid-bots have fallen since Hardfork 21/22.

OCDB, SmartSteem and Booster are showing reductions...

4. Nitrous Ads and Burning Tokens

Steem-Engine founder @aggroed has posted a progress update on the new Nitrous ads feature.

Tokens are burnt in exchange for the advertising impressions. So far ACTNEARN, NEOXAG, PAL and SPORTS tokens have been burnt...

5. SteemLeo keeps burning it up

Investment tribe SteemLeo, run by @khaleelkazi, has posted its third LEO burn report.

In total over 725,000 LEO tokens have been burnt, and over 90% of the circulating supply of the token has been staked.

The tribe is also developing a range of 'sinks' for its token including the LABS project, a fantasy league and a writing contest...

6. OCD Steem Onboarding on Steemit subreddit

OCD co-witness @acidyo has now started promoting the OCD Steem Onboarding project on the Steemit subreddit.

It is offering free accounts to content curators who would like to try the Steem platform...

7. Forum 2020 planning underway

@hauptmann posts about the start of the planning for Forum 2020 that will be held in Hamburg, Germany next year...

8. Should STEEM powerdown be just one week?

@lordbutterfly looks again at the idea of reducing the powerdown period to one week to make STEEM more attractive to investors.

This could also provide a significant sink to reduce the inflation of STEEM by introducing a fee for quicker powerdowns...

9. Do we need a SteemBnB?

@vibeof100monkeys has put forward the idea of setting up some sort of SteemTravel or SteemBnB facility for steemians to provide accommodation for other steemians in exchange for STEEM...

10. Big Ads for newsteem

@mindtrap asks whether we need the SPS to fund a major advertising campaign for Steem - banners ads, radio commercials...

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KEY DATA  [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.161 18 Sep '19 01.44am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.792 18 Sep '19 01.44am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #82 (-1) 18 Sep '19 01.44am UTC
FCAS Score 803 (n/c) / A / #18 18 Sep '19 01.44am UTC
No. of Whales 38 (n/c) 16 Sep '19
No. of Orcas 348 (+4) 16 Sep '19
No. of Dolphins 2137 (+2) 16 Sep '19
No. of Minnows 9260 (-1) 16 Sep '19
Alexa rank ( #7,057 (-101) 18 Sep '19 01.42am UTC
Unique visitors ( 184,943 / day 18 Sep '19 01.42am UTC
Page views ( 458,658 / day 18 Sep '19 01.42am UTC

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