The Steem News @ 13 April 2021 - Two Communities Reach 100K SP

Two communities have now reached the milestone of 100K SP in their community accounts.

Sri Lanka just got in first to hit this major target ahead of the SteemFoods Community.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about the Vote for Home project in Indonesia, the Steem for Better Life Charity, the SL-Charity in Sri Lanka, Steemit Pakistan, TeamMango, Facebook Advertising, SteemField, PLAY STEEM, Steem Women's Club, Steem SEA some Guides & How To's and many more contests...

1. Two Communities Reach 100K SP

Steem Sri Lanka have achieved the major feat of reaching 100K SP on their community account.

The community, led by Country Rep @randulakoralage and Mods @damithudaya and @sandupi, was established last September but in only around 6 months they have managed to reach this major milestone through natural growth and through delegations from members and supporters...

Only around a day later the popular SteemFoods Community achieved the same feat of reaching 100K SP on its community account.

The community led by @alikoc07 with help from @el-nailul was also established last September and now has over 6000 subscribers...

Congratulations to both these hardworking communities. I wonder who will be the first to 200K SP !

2. Vote for Home Project Progressing Well

@sultan-aceh reports on good progress in the building of the new home for @tailah.bayu and his family.

The project has been an excellent demonstration of the power of the Steem community who have rallied round with votes and donations to support this great project in Indonesia...

3. Steem for Better Life Charity in Indonesia

The Steem for Better Life Charity set up by the Steem SEA Community is doing great work in Indonesia.

It has recently stepped in with emergency assistance to two families who lost their homes to fire.

The project led by Program Manager @el-nailul is now preparing for its next programs of food packages for orphans and water and sanitation aid for Putri Aura...

4. Steeming for Charity

It is great to see so much charitable activity emerging on the Steem blockchain.

In Sri Lanka @roshipeiris and @sasanka96 report on the latest work of the SL-Charity in Elpitiya...

The Steemit Pakistan Community has now established a charitable fundraising account @pak-charity...

In Venezuela @TeamMango are doing some great work helping elderly people...

5. Facebook Advertising

Both @remlaps and @arie.steem are continuing their Facebook advertisting campaigns...

It will be interesting if the two of them compare notes to see what conclusions they reach about the effectiveness of using Facebook advertising to promote Steem.

6. SteemField & PLAY STEEM

Both @steemfield and @etainclub of PLAY STEEM have posted updates on progress...

7. Steem Women's Club seeks South East Asia Rep

To help cope with the continued expansion of their community Steem Women's Club is looking to recruit a South East Asia Representative...

8. Steem SEA launches new logo

Following the recent contest Country Rep @anroja has announced that the Steem SEA Community has chosen its new logo...

9. Guides & How To's

Italy Country Rep @girolamomarotta has produced a useful guide on how to revoke Steem Account Authorities using Steemworld. This is important information to maintain your account security...

Again on the subject of security @beidymag has posted valuable instructions on how to change your Steem keys...

10. Contests, Contests, Contests...

As an offshoot of Steem News @pennsif now publishes a daily listing of the 'soon to close' contests on Steem...

@habercitr who runs the Steemit Contest Club Community has produced a compilation of current contests on Steem...

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Comments 5

These two communities are very strong. I mainly write on “Italy” community led by @girolamomarotta. In “italy” too we are growing in number.

14.04.2021 05:12

He is doing a great job.. a person with a good vision

14.04.2021 06:18

I've gotta say, that even with the decline in users, that's a great milestone to get to.
Congratulations 👏

14.04.2021 10:50

Though I'm from @nigeria through @steemalive community, we are doing our possible best too reach and exceed that benchmark.

15.04.2021 08:33

Congratulations guys. Keep working harder to ensuring steem reaches the top. Let us win together. Thanks for the update @pennsif

15.04.2021 16:22