The Steem News @ 11 November 2021 - Crypto Academy - New Rules & New Professors...

Steemit have announced new Professors and new rules for Season 5 of the Crypto Academy that begins next week.

The World Smile Project is making good progress on the free Education Centre that it is building in Aceh.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about a Steem Meetup in Venezuela, a Plagiarism Detector Bot, Steemcryptic, SteemAlive, a Steem Cafe in Barquisimeto, and two featured posts from @papi.mati...

1. Crypto Academy - New Rules & New Professors

Steemit have announced three new Professors for Season 5 of the Crypto Academy that starts next week.

Joining the team of Professors are @sachin08 (India), @shemul21 (Bangladesh) and @utsavsaxena11 (India).

There are also a number of changes to the rules for the new season.

The minimum SP requirements have increased, the voting rewards have been altered, and from now on only people participating in #club5050 are eligible to take part in the Academy homework tasks...

2. World Smile Project Free Education Center

@klen.civil reports on good progress on the Free Education Centre that the World Smile Project is building in North Aceh in Indonesia.

The construction is now 85% complete...

@miftahuddin has posted an update on the project budget...

3. Steem Meetup in Venezuela

@oscarcc89 reports on another forthcoming Steem Meetup supported by the Steem Meetups Program.

The meeting, organised by @gensequini, takes place in Anzoátegui on Friday 12 November.

The meetup is being sponsored by @saracampero...

4. SteemSkillshare Plagiarism Detector Bot

@the.journal has developed a Plagiarism Detector Bot to help detect and combat plagiarism.

The Detector system uses Plagiarism Detector to find any plagiarism.

It is initially being used in the Steem Skillshare community...

5. Steemcryptic Update for #Club5050

Witness developer @starlord28 has released another update of Steemcryptic with an improved version of the #Club5050 calculation tool.

The tool now includes the Transfer History...

6. SteemAlive - New Team Coordinators

@steemalive has announced five new Team Coordinators from four different states in Nigeria.

The new Coordinators are @kingreechy (Aba, Abia State), @udyliciouz (Uyo, Akwa Ibom State), @alexanderpeace (Owerri, Imo State), @eliany (Uyo, Akwa Ibom State) and @essygold (Lagos, Lagos State)...

7. Steem Cafe in Barquisimeto

Venezuela Country Rep @edlili24 is planning to open a Steem Cafe in her city Barquisimeto...

8. Featured Posts

Here are a couple of posts from @papi.mati that are well worth a read...

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Thank you for mentioning my posts!

I love the idea to add the anti-plagiarism bot to the curation trail. For now, curation trails are kind of black magic to me - I know the basics but all that automatic comments and... bots is a mystery. Surely that bot will help a lot though - checking plagiarism is as time-consuming as important.

12.11.2021 06:03

Me encantó ver qué se ha programado un bot para detectar el plagio esa es una gran idea, también sobre le Steem Café está muy buena la idea espero se le de.

Saludos Cordiales

Soy @jesusbar23 Administrador De La Comunidad Cryptokids

#affable #venezuela

12.11.2021 11:07

Very good updates. I love that new rule of the crypto-academy, in this way many more will be encouraged to be part of # club5050. We continue working to be one of the 1500 dolphins. Greetings my dear @pennsif

12.11.2021 17:16

You are doing great job my friend @pennsif. Gathering these information can be overwhelming. But you are really standing tall. Keep up the great work you are doing

14.11.2021 02:37

you are a well motivator and thank you @shereef27

16.11.2021 21:48

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14.11.2021 03:47

Very Info from Steem News about Crypto Academy - New Rules & New Professors, and news about the #club5050 campaign, now there are so many members participating to join #club5050.
I also have a goal of hitting two Dolphins by the end of this month.

16.11.2021 05:46

thank you by @shereef27 , really like your idea

16.11.2021 21:45


17.11.2021 06:21

club100 😀

17.11.2021 19:06