Just catching up.... where are we with the Steem Foundation now?

I've been out of the Steem loop for a few weeks.

So much has happened, so much has changed.

I see @starkerz, @aggroed and @eonwarped are running the Delegation Committee now @delegationtrust.

But what happened to the Steem Foundation - is it still in process?

Or did @ned pull the plug on it?

That would be great shame if he did.

@justineh, @shadowspub and the rest of the team spent so much time with the Steem Alliance getting the elections together.

The Steem Foundation was one of my Big Dozen...

And Steem Onboarding from @coruscate and @anomadsoul was another of my twelve 'steem indicators' for the year.

Is @steemonboarding still happening?

It is very difficult to keep up to date with what is happening on Steem.

It needs some sort of daily news service perhaps.

I wonder if anyone has ever thought of doing something like that 😎


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Just shows how much we need you!!

06.08.2019 23:13

Thank you 😃

07.08.2019 09:39

At least for @steemonboarding:


The alliance thing seems to have died once the handover was made - but don't know for sure.

06.08.2019 23:35

Thanks for the @steemonboarding link - missed that.

07.08.2019 09:36

No worries.

07.08.2019 10:26

good to see you back pennsif!

06.08.2019 23:41

Thanks Matt.

07.08.2019 09:40

Definitely missing the daily summaries! The Steem Foundation seems to have run into issues with having active board members as they formalize the foundation from what I recall. Maybe we need another State of the Steem as we prepare for the Hard Fork!

07.08.2019 00:28

Certainly a lot of changes coming along soon...

07.08.2019 09:40

Yep, lots happening indeed.

The foundation still has the same Steem account and discord server - https://steemit.com/@steemalliance


Looks like there have been updates. Even if I do wish for more communication and activity, they are moving along with the legalities of starting a non profit foundation. Many members of the community who are still very active here have been checking in on progress, but it may be beneficial for more of the community to do the same. 🙂

07.08.2019 01:05

Thanks Justine - useful to see the progress updates.

07.08.2019 09:38

We've missed your updates, but I know its a lot of work to monitor what's happening. Penguins can have other things they have to do

07.08.2019 06:08

Indeed, penguins need to keep catching fish.

See you in a bit.

07.08.2019 09:32

I wonder is someone should bid for delegation for a daily news service?

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07.08.2019 07:27

Better via SPS? It shouldn't be all development related.

07.08.2019 08:21

Good idea.

07.08.2019 09:39

That would be interesting - but not sure how a business model would be worked into it...

07.08.2019 09:31

I know I've damn sure certain missed my daily news. Just sayin'

07.08.2019 09:18

I've missed reading them too.

07.08.2019 09:41