and are now fully adapted to HF21

I have been working on some changes on my websites and today.

Both sites are now fully adapted to HF21 :-)



  • One of the new features in HF21 is a separate downvote pool. Besides your voting power (now for upvotes only) you can now keep an eye on your downvote power as well. Use your downvote power wisely. It goes down 4 times as fast as your ordinary voting power, but takes the same time to regenerate.

  • The 100% vote value which is shown on both sites now shows the vote value as if you were the only one upvoting a post. Your vote value is not static anymore in HF21, but is higher if more people vote on a post before or after you.
    Keep in mind that a 20% is not simply worth one fifth of your 100% vote. Since HF21 a 20% vote adds less rshares to a post than one fifth of a 100% vote. For example, my 100% vote is worth $1.50, but when I give someone a 20% vote my vote would be worth $0.24 (assuming I am the only one voting). On you can use the slider to see what each percentage of your vote is worth.

  • The upvote calculator on works the same way. It calculates the value of an upvote, assuming a post has received only that single vote. The actual value would probably be higher. Try it yourself by entering a couple of different Steem Power values. You will notice the difference between the previous reward curve and the new one. If you multiply the amount of SP by 10 for example you will see that the vote value increases a lot more.

Note: You may need to clear your browser's cache to reload all JavaScript files.

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Comments 17

Thanks for this great explanation... I finally get it 😂
On the other hand... I don't think this is a good thing for people voting on comments. When someone leaves a great comment on your post, and you're the only one to upvote it.... chances are you don't even go above the "dust value"... (if you're not a whale)
I think this is the end of comment-voting... 🤔

28.08.2019 13:28

Maybe... Still $ 0.01 for your comment ;-)

28.08.2019 13:44

And I added 0.01 with a vote worth 0.02... at least you will get huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge curation 😂

28.08.2019 13:48

I am wondering whether to keep voting on comments. I'm better off upvoting a post by that user. Could give the comment 1% to show I see it at least.

28.08.2019 14:55

I think you're right...
The sad part is that people will not have any incentive to comment anymore, good against spam but... I have some doubs...

28.08.2019 15:10

Commenting is still good for engagement to build your following. I will be voting up posts by people who comment rather than the comments themselves. I would hope bigger accounts will still vote up comments, but it eats into my voting power too much.

28.08.2019 17:29
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28.08.2019 13:30

Great! My favorite site is back again.

28.08.2019 14:07

I hadn't seen before, but it looks like a great utility.

Have you considered adding tooltips with definitions to the Blockchain Properties section? For example, I am curious what "total vesting fund steem" and "total vesting shares" mean?

28.08.2019 14:37

Good idea. Thanks.

  • "total vesting fund steem" is the total amount of Steem that is vested (powered up) as Steem Power.
  • "total vesting shares" is the same, but in VESTS.
28.08.2019 14:52

Got it. So to know the total amount of STEEM tokens if all SBD and VESTS were converted to STEEM, we'd do the following?

virtual supply + total vesting fund steem
28.08.2019 17:59

No, the virtual supply is the total amount of STEEM available including the SBD (if converted to STEEM at the current price) and all vested STEEM.

  • total vesting fund steem: All vested STEEM = all Steem Power.
  • Liquid Steem: All STEEM that is not vested as Steem Power.
  • current supply: Liquid Steem + total vesting fund steem
  • current sbd supply: All available SBD
  • virtual supply: current supply + current sbd supply converted to STEEM at the current price.

So the virtual supply is the actual total amount of STEEM.

29.08.2019 06:46

I was happy to see the downvote display. I use Steemnow all the time to monitor my account. This actually helped me understand better how the downvotes work and I want to be sure I use all mine. There are plenty of accounts milking steem that need dealing with. Good to see some big accounts doing this to improve the platform.

28.08.2019 14:51

Thanks for the update! Really useful!

28.08.2019 17:38

Looking at steemnow, my curation reward is higher than my author rewards for the first time (today and yesterday). I never was a high earner, but to me it looks as if the net effect is basically the same as before.

28.08.2019 18:34

Thank you for your work! I was using your resource daily but only after I've read this post I've managed to get downvotes battery after clearing the cache. Very handy!

29.08.2019 06:52

Thanks a lot, was waiting for this update - else would have asked! :-)

One really important thing for those of us who use steemnow regularly is to either clear the cache or do a hard refresh to clear the previous script - a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5 on Win PCs) did the trick.

I have tracked these values daily for many months and this new curve is slightly challenging to track valid values. What I have done is set the SP at 1 million so that the upvote value is as close as possible to the linear max. It is then up to users to get used to the experience that their actual vote-worth will be somewhere between 50% to 100% of this max value (tho rarely, if ever 100%!)

One can see this effect in the very formula used, that for low rshares the formula approximates to 0.5 *rshares and (very very slowly) rises.

Thanks again, great job!

30.08.2019 06:58