Not much to say

Yet, I typed a whole damn title. Silly thing that, right.

Started a few things already this year. Not part of any resolutions but more because it feels like the right time. At the very least it is time to find a new rut.

That is how things go, in phases. Wave after wave, the time from one to the next can be years but the next wave will come without fail.

It does not mean things change forever it just means things are notably different, the next wave comes and you might find yourself back in a similar situation. The only difference is now you know more.

I have always tried to keep myself excluded. People that know me offline, know never to invite me to things. I abhor it yet it can still sting when they do not.

Ideally, a person needs to just suck it up. You can't remove sad without removing happy also.

So fair enough, it is a choice and sure maybe balance needs to be in there somewhere but balance is just a hassle. Balancing everything is chaos.

Maybe it is just a case of categorizing and prioritizing... A lot of fucking zzz's.

If you spend time with family, then you spend time with friends and then you go to work that takes away from every other aspect. So, friends, family and work might have to be one thing.

Then you have the other stuff. Broadly speaking.

I have never been good with time and find everything will happen in its time. Not for lack of trying to crush whatever it is into a tiny box of limited time and whacking it for all I can.

You know. Get the most out of it.

Things have their own way and when I just do what I do when I do and let things become what they will, then it turns out it is not a Bonzai but a big fucking tree and now we have shade, and who knows maybe I will invite people for a picnic because that is much more preferred than them inviting me.

Honestly, though, I won't. If someone does happen on me having a picnic they are welcome, but what is the point of fucking up someone else's day with an invite.

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07.01.2020 03:52

but what is the point of fucking up someone else's day with an invite.

A very considerate notion worth pondering...

07.01.2020 06:53

I do wish more would ponder it :) I have spent years on the craft of being excluded, it is finally paying off.

08.01.2020 11:00

Exclusion can be a thing to celebrate, at times :>)

09.01.2020 01:57

I think you need a sneakers, you always feel better after you've eaten. The whole blood sugar thing can catch anyone off guard these days

07.01.2020 07:02

Commercial victim speaking.

Or... how much did you get money for saying that?

I suddenly got to get me some Snickers.

07.01.2020 10:35

Lol like anyone in cryptocurrency I am a paid shill

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07.01.2020 10:45

Suddenly I got a terrible urge to go to squarespace, but I was a fool and did it without a promocode. Now everything is lost.

07.01.2020 11:15

I think @pendris will need like a year supply of snickers and coke to get his blood sugar balanced. will also be weird. like imagine he invites us to a picnic!

08.01.2020 07:32

Icky... How do you start a Cape Town picnic? Hi Jack...

08.01.2020 10:58

"ons gaan picnic ouens!" then we go! maybe its your lack of beach?

08.01.2020 11:55

lol cute.

08.01.2020 20:30

Johnny is my favourite!! 😍

11.01.2020 05:52

Haha sad but true. The odd thing is how late in life some find out. I do trust my 6 sugar coffee and 2litres a day keeps me from that dark fate.

08.01.2020 10:56

Balancing everything is chaos.

Chaos is a way of life but not everyone can do it.

maybe I will invite people for a picnic because that is much more preferred than them inviting me.

It is chaos if accepting an invite to a picnic, more controlled when inviting others to your picnic. And people organizing picnics are just plain lazy. My kind of people. :)

07.01.2020 10:41

I don't mind if a party gets out of hand. I am usually the reason it might, and also I tend to just lose the party. I think I prefer organic, oh my you are also drinking like a fish, me too then we all drink like a fish.

08.01.2020 11:02

When it comes to invites, some I'd gladly accept while others I'd rather skip. It depends on who's inviting. Most of the time, I'm not the one doing the accepting anyway. I'm usually just going along for the ride, lol.

07.01.2020 10:43

Yes as with all things it does depend, I have had one or two invites which I did not mind but that is not worth the hassle of still having to reject or depending on circumstances not being able to outright reject some invites. I am happy with my general rule of "I don't go to [insert anything]"

90% of the time it makes me chuckle to see people short circuit as they process an outright rejection since I also don't care to waste time deliberating if it is an rsvp kind of thing.

Going for the ride is also a bit inconvenient since that is not the ride I paid for and some rides are no good even for free.

08.01.2020 20:22

what a mouthful for someone who has nothing to say! Sound like you need to go check your matric results because Eskom was kind enough to make allowances for you to travel safely. Go and shed some loads!

08.01.2020 07:31

I suspect I would be far more chipper with matric results, even if I failed that just means I keep street cred and can be president.

08.01.2020 20:17

What makes you feel happy though. We know what pisses you off, now tell what gives you the warm and slightly fuzzies. Like maybe a streetwise 2 with mash and gravy??

11.01.2020 05:53

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09.01.2020 09:33