Pep Guardiola says Manchester City have not made the Etihad a fortress yet | Football News | Sky Sports

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Look, a coach like Pep can't say that Etihad is a fortress, just to keep the feet of his players on the ground. But this year it surely seems like it. The don't even concede goals at home. A even without De Bruyne they have solutions enough with Gundogan, Mahrez, Silva, ... and then there is Foden. City is going to take the title once again this year, without a doubt. But hopefully they make it in the Champions League too. Because in my opinion right now, there is the best team in Europe. Just a little luck on the crucial moments is needed!




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The team is full of depth and i see then challenging Liverpool again for the title.

05.10.2019 13:06

Best M. City

05.10.2019 19:02