9 LARGE updates to PeakMonsters - Sets/valuations/new limits and more

We have a LOT of updates this round on https://peakmonsters.com

  • Burning
  • Transaction limit increases
  • Sell Card Sets
  • New market layout
  • Market value pricing
  • Account evaluations
  • Bid market open to ALL
  • Rental statistics
  • Active key support



Blockchain limits us to 2000 characters which means transactions have limits.

  • 25: sell, change_price, unlist
  • 20: rent
  • 100: burn, gift, packages, delegate, undelegate, combine

100 AT A TIME!

Yep that's right you can now select 100 at a time... that's 4 full pages. Don't forget to shift+click. That means a total of 8 clicks to select all 100.

And that includes Burn and Add to Packages which are both new in this update.


BURNING : Aka convert for DEC

This is a new addition to peakmonsters which was only available on splinterlands before. You will be given DEC tokens in exchange for burning a card... aka the card will no longer exist.


You can see how much DEC is worth on this market



You can read more about active key feature in the @steemmonsters update
We suggest most people consider turning on active key support on their accounts. If you're doing a ton of transactions OR you're using steemconnect and you find it annoying having to put in a password each time then you can turn it off.. temporarily.


  1. Go to splinterlands.io
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click this button
    Bottom line it's much safer... but make sure you actually know your active key. You can figure it out easily using Keychain. Which you can download ... link on the steempeak services page



  • Yep we made it so everyone is always Default level 1 on Peakmonsters.com
  • You can ALL now use Battlechain as well.

So welcome all the new folk i suppose... make sure to put money in PeakCredits if you want to bid.




  • A = Market Value - we will explain below. But notice it shows price movement each time the card price changes.
  • B = The highest Bids and if you have made a bid it will show you your own
  • C = The lowest List price
  • D = Buttons that will take you right to the tab that has those cards.


This is system that will continue to learn prices so give it some time to fully populate.
Market Price = Last price within the bounds of High Bid and Low List

NOTE: if you know the last price on cards that are infrequently purchased like Gold Foil Legendaries then let us know we can manually change them.



We now have 4 ways of giving a full value to your account. In addition you can FILTER your collection and see values based on your filters. So you can see exactly how much your Alpha set or your Golds are worth.

  1. LIST = This values your cards based on the lowest listed buy price.
  2. BID = This values your cards based on the highest bid price.
  3. MARKET = This values your cards based on the market value which as stated above will get smarter with more purchases. This is the valuation that is most common in all other markets around the world.
  4. DEC = This values your account based on how much DEC you'd get if you "burned" all your cards.



Yep this was a huge feature we thought would take us more time but we were able to release it pretty quickly. If this goes well we can perhaps add sets to rentals as well.

  • This system still operates under the splinterlands market protocol designed by @yabapmatt
  • Meaning it is fully decentralized and other interfaces can use it
  • Our fee is 6% and that comes from the price and buyer owes nothing extra.
  • we give statistics about how the set is valued in 3 different valuations
  • Green is good for a buyer... it means it's under value.
  • We want to allow buyers to name their sets to be descriptive... that will have to wait for YabapMatt to make a small update.
  • You can see a list of ALL the cards
  • 100 in a set is the technical blockchain limit at the moment.
  • You can advertise your set elsewhere specially if you create perfect starter sets for example to help onboard new users. Hopefully the titles help when they come out.


We suggest that if you make a set that has a strategy you should make a Post on Steem.

  • If you're making a set that is perfect for a new user tell us what the strategy is behind the set.
  • This could be a good opportunity for a new player to jump right in with one purchase and start playing.
  • splinterset is my suggestion for hashtag to use.

  • Be creative and market your product... just because it's not heavily discounted doesn't mean people won't buy it. If there's a solid reasoning and some effort you could sell it at a nifty profit.
  • There could be many new users wanting an easy way to jump in.
  • There could also be investors who want to buy these sets and use them in the "Free to Play" Herons system designed by @tcpolymath and @nealmcspadden



We hope all data points are intuitive in the title. What's new =

  • Cards listed and cards actually rented out
  • Amount of rental fee income daily
  • ... and then separate ability to see how much is in escrow (which you can divide in half for yourself)
  • We now give a USD estimate for your PeakCredits balance

    1. Look at your PeakCredits balance in USD
    2. Then see how much your total Rental fee costs are.
    3. We know some of your rentals are 120 days long so you have enough time to get money in there. But just be careful

BID MARKET SIDE NOTE: This user has all most of their bids on hold (obviously anything $10.01usd is on hold and doesn't even show up as a bid on the system) ... but hypothetically if one at $10 came in their credit would be depleted and their contracts would break. However we have seen most renters are not heavy bidders. Just so happens this user has a high tier.



if you're on the discord you can get these notes earlier and be able to report feedback and of course make suggestions.

Comments 22

This is huge for Splinterlands! Great work!!

31.07.2019 18:15


31.07.2019 18:18

Stellar new additions @jarvie and @asgarth! This is like a brand new site...again. Looks like a professional finance browser, this will do wonders for the forward legitimacy in the eyes of new people in this game. I have not seen anything to this level in the other blockchain games I have looked at. One of a kind market browsing app for the masses that is for sure, thanks again all and keep up the amazing work!

31.07.2019 18:28

Well if those other games have a really good volume tell them to contact us. haha

31.07.2019 18:42

Love your work, guys. I'm on $2.04 a day
Let's see how that looks 6 months from now :)

31.07.2019 18:39

To clarify $2.04 a day for rental income. haha
I knew what you were talking about.

31.07.2019 18:42

Wow what great updates, That everyone can use Battlechain is so nice and the set prices is so cool! Way to go !

31.07.2019 19:01

That's such an amazing update. I particularly love the "Set" option. I never wanted to rent cards because it was too much work for me to rent all the single cards and look at their prices. That makes it so much easier. You are doing a really great job.

31.07.2019 19:10

Yeah next step if SET works well is to enable RENTING sets.
We'll see how it goes for sales.

01.08.2019 00:31

Really nice!
Peakmonster keep evolving and paving better road for Splinterland.
To be honest, if Peakmonster doesn't exist, cards selling and management would be frustating.
Good Job!

31.07.2019 19:37

Haha yeah if it didn't exist splinterlands would either have to spend a lot more time developing things or could you imagine selling card by card or moving things so slowly around to re-arrange accounts. wow.

01.08.2019 00:32

Yeah, I don't notice there's Peakmonsters at my first month of playing. I used to spend hours just to set my cards on market one by one. Now, with Peakmonsters, I spend more time on Battling and less on selling.

01.08.2019 03:11

great work people

31.07.2019 19:58

I would say best update ever but you guys do so much good for us, that wouldn't fit the bill. The new sets look amazing and Jarunik has already put up some jewels there. The new market layout is really an improvement. And the personal information is very helpful. You guys rock!

31.07.2019 20:48

Yeah really would help to let the seller describe what they're trying to sell... BUT... that will come and for now people can post about their sets.

01.08.2019 00:33

It's great feauteres relised! So current season at Splinterlands become more interesting with peakmonsters!

Posted using Partiko Android

31.07.2019 20:52

I just spent quite a bit of time on the market and am really loving it! Thanks for the continued development!

Posted using Partiko iOS

01.08.2019 02:44

Good that's great to hear!! Appreciate letting us know after spending a good amount of time that it's still solid ... we did change up the market look a decent amount.

01.08.2019 05:15

Wow these updates are huge! So happy to see some of the updates.. I will be playing around with the options this weekend I think.. Thanks for all the hard work on improving Peakmonsters, I'm a daily user there, and this will defo improve the user experience a lot !!

Great job!

01.08.2019 11:06

Nice updates and I already sold my first set!
Yeah I think it would be better if we can name our set.
One request: Bulk sell cards using the bid price. Currently I have to check what is the bid price on market before going to my collection to input the price. Sometimes, I just want to sell the cards at bid price regardless of what the value is.

01.08.2019 14:54

Cool glad it worked... however also don't we have the bid price listed for SETS?
Or is this something else?

01.08.2019 16:09

Great work!

02.08.2019 20:15