What I have learned lately on steemit by @peacyladiva.

Hello great promoters and happy weekend,
Is it going to be a fun weekend or a stay at home weekend like mine? Whichever one, ensure to rest and promote Steem.

This is my entry to @mcsamm contest. I love @mcsamm creativity when it comes to contest, I feel his contest always aim to teach and educate.

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My discoveries on steemit lately.

  1. Quality not quantity.
  2. Steemit is a game of steem power.
  3. New website for registration.
  4. Conclusion (contest and community).

1.Quality not quantity.

This is one great lesson I have learnt of recent, I was having a chat with one of my recruits @mophebe about two days ago, sharing my observation about quality post. I noticed is not about how many post you make in a day but the quality of the post. Take you time to build a post, don't be in a hurry to post. I am guilty of this though because I always want to post everyday,i just post what comes to my mind but these days I have been taking my time and paying more attention to my post and how I arrange them and I have seen great improvement. If you want to add value to this blockchain you will have to pay attention to what you are posting and how you are posting them.

chat with mophebe about my discovery on quality post

2.Steemit is a game of steem power.

How do I mean?
I will start by sharing my story when I first joined steemit.
When I first joined steemit in 2018, the major thing I heard then is steemit is a platform to earn, so all I came to do was to earn, so when the market was down, I left because I couldn't earn so much again. I didn't take my time to understand the platform and think long term. All my thoughts then was just how to earn now not a long time investment but I have took some time to study, attend meetups and teachings. These teachings have really open my eyes to the fact that with steem power you have a great influence on the platform, investing in steem power is investing in your future. Don't have just short time goals on Steem, please always think ahead, that's my motivation daily. With the understanding of steem power, I joined the power up contest and was able to power up 212 steem and I plan to build my Steem power to 3000 steem before the year ends, that means I have to power up 500 steem monthly, this requires alot of displine and been strategic enough. Please wish me luck. Hahahahaahah


my last power up on the 18th of May.

One other thing have noticed while on this powerup journey is that if you really want to grow your steempower so fast, it's better to change your sbd to Steem and power up.
At a point I put my posts in 100% power up and I realized if I had put then in 50% and changed my SBD to Steem and power up, it would have been more effective for me. To all those serious about building their steem power, please try this.
One of the participants in this contest already explain how to turn your sbd to Steem and power up, kindly click here to read.

3. New website for registration

When I joined #promosteem community and begin to advertise Steem, there was need to register newbies but there was phone number bug on the steem sign up site, so I was advised by @aries.steem to use this website whenever there is a phone number bug and since then the website created by @justyy has really been effective for me.


I will like to conclude briefly taking about contests and communities.
Contests is a way to always have what to post and also earn, I have noticed that some people even earn more from contest than what they earn from writing, contest is also a great way to earn on this platform hence I will like to invite my recruits to join this contest @mophebe @charis20 @patience90 @isinyefortune @euniceadekumoke please come and share with us your discoveries so far.
Also joining community of your nitche will help to stay active on steemit, know your nitche and stick to it.
Finally, Rome was not built in a day, be patience with yourself, fall in love with the writing, create value,be active, engage with others, build relationships, think long time and the reward will come!

Best Regards,


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It interests me more to learn from your lessons. I will work on this contest, you know steemit needs quality time. If you rush in you miss out.

29.05.2021 05:42

Yes, take your time ma.

29.05.2021 11:37

I'll surely join because I have been learning a lot ever since I joined @steemit and I am grateful to @charis and @peachyladiva for taking your precious time to guide me.
Let's go there fellow steemians.

29.05.2021 08:38

Well done, I love your passion.

29.05.2021 11:36

Interesting @peachyladiva, sure Steem Power alas SP is the influence, the holy grail in steemit. Keep it up!

29.05.2021 13:39

Thank you for always coming by.

29.05.2021 18:18

You're welcome @peachyladiva

29.05.2021 18:28

We hope that steemit signup page responds as soon as possible to help all. But it's good you have discovered an alternative registration process. Thanks for bringing us beauty always dear.

29.05.2021 19:13

Thanks for stopping by.

30.05.2021 10:06