The diary game 15/04/2021. A day we'll spent.

Warm greetings from cameroon .to day online others days was unusual cos it was a game day.
I woke up very motivated around 7am when I did some meditation and whent out that Early to see my mentor @thegreens who gifted me some money to purchase feed for my pig, he had really been a live saver since my tragic accident.
From there I moved straight to the feed shop
Were I bought the following items
1)1/2 bag weatbran
2)2kg soya Bean mill
3) 1 bucket of kennel cake
4) 2 kg of soyabean mill.
In total I bought feed items for 8500cfa/$18


When the items were baged I stepped near by to have breakfast of corn and beans purish which I bought for 200 frs/$0.3


Then I took a bike to a corn mill were I bought a bucket of wast mill corn to add to the feed mix ,here the was no bike to take me home so I carried it the old fashioned way cos i was already behind on the time to feed the pigs as it was about 10:03 am



Arrive home by 10:30am and did mix the feed and fed the pigs by 11:29am




After feeding the pig I took my bath and step out to meet a friend at his shop who showed interest in being a steemian for motivation


Was with him till about 2:30pm when I left for the field to watch my team bafut rangers who took on vision fc. The match started at 3pm with a calm weather and at 14 minutes gone my team was already leading by 1 goal when serious rain started



At halftime the rains gave way and we were back at the pich to sorport our team which paid off as the match ended 4:1 in my favour .
And by six I was home we're I took a nap and just woke up now to share my day with you on 10 my day was about 9.5 well spent.

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