New to Steemit: I am Peace Maker from Bamenda, Cameroon

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My name is Ngoasong Agendia but all over the world, i am known as Peace Maker. Peace Maker in my dialect (Bangwa) means Agendia but the truth is, I am a peace maker.
I am 31 years old and an indigene from a Menji in the Southwest Region of of Cameroon. I am a holder of an Agircultural Engineering Degree from the University of Bamenda and have a strong passion for agriculture and rural development as well as community development using arts, culture, media and sports.





I have over 10 years of experience as a community service volunteerism with diverse local and international organizations. I have served as volunteer in organizations such as Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMMINSUD), Action Foundation CIG (AFCIG), Torch Bearer Foundation, etc.

I am currently volunteering with Sysy House of Fame as Programs Coordinator/Artistic Director. Over time, i have developed interest in football and i currently coaching young people in different communities to nurture their football talents.

I already said "I am a peace maker" and this explains why in 2020, I was designated a UNESCO Peace Ambassador for Bamenda, Cameroon.

I aspire to see a wonderful world we're every one will be equal and free and this explains why i have dedicated my time and talent to educate and engage young people to be the change we seek.

Crypto knowledge and Steem mentor

I have very limited knowledge about Cryptocurrencies but have suddenly developed the passion to invest in it because after researching, i have come to realize that cryptos are the future. I was introduced to #Steem by @mr-greens of @thegreens who also assisted in training me via the Cameroon Steemit Program to become the Steemian that i am today.

I look forward to connecting with Steemians who have a passion to make the world a better place and i look forward to using my Steemit rewards to foster my goal of creating a thriving, just and free world.



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Hi, @peacemakers. You are most welcome to the steemit platform and online community. Thanks for that great introduction. I see you have done lots of valuable things for your community in Cameroon. I am also a great fun of volunteering work. Keep up that passion.


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Welcome to steem blockchain,@peacemakers

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Dear @peacemaker ,
I am known as @shortsegments here on Steemit, and I live in Hawaii.
Welcome to the Steemit platform. I am happy to hear of your goals and motivations, it makes me smile, as you are living the change you seek. I have been here, on Steemit, for over two years. I have created several communities here on Steemit, but there are a few I think you should join.

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Good Luck!

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Your most welcome

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