"To Lose" - representation of a feeling

My latest tokenized artwork has a very sad origin.

One of our family's best friends died tuesday evening, and we're all very sad.

I tried, in this artwork, to represent the feeling of loss I feel when I think of a life cut short, of the music that Stan will never play now. Of the book I gave him just a week ago, that he never had the time to finished.

This is my clumsy attempt at honoring that feeling. of creating a marker of it that will, through it's tokenization, live on forever.


I started with some introspection, trying to think of a way to represent the sadness I was feeling.

I've never been good with feelings, never been good at expressing them, or understanding them...

I tried wandering the wilds of the internet, looking at Creative Commons imagery representing sadness, tears, loss...

I happened upon this little paper robot, which touched me deeper than the other imagery did, for some reason


I then went on to my normal toolset, opening up GIMP

Creating the basis

I decided not to use the image itself, but rather the style of the robot's face. the triangle, with the eyes like that, gave a very sad feeling to it's face.


I then experimented with some G'MIC-qt functions to find an interesting pattern:




after that, I tested several methods, but ended up with creating two variants to "flow" between. "Old photo" styling with and without Sepia options:





And, that's pretty much it.

I asked in the Trooart and Superrare telegram chats which version of the artwork were best, the static one's, the animated one, or even the deep styled one here:


After some deliberation, I choose the gif, as Tenblo, one of the members of Troart, pointed out it helped accentuate the emotions.

I also somehow felt the Styled one had too much color. I was trying to be minimalist in my approach after all.

So, there you go:


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