Money transfer with cash pickup: cheaper than western union

If you need to send money overseas, finding a specialist that offers cash pick up could speed up your transfer, with pickups often available in minutes. and it is especially for those people who don’t have a bank account yet.

As we all know that Western Union is famous for proving cash pickup service. Western Union has hundreds of thousands of locations all over the world where you can collect money, while you can send your funds in person at a branch or by visiting the Western Union website.

But it is also well known that send money via Western Union is relatively expensive.


There are other similar cash pickup services very much like Western Union, For example, MoneyGram. It allows the recipient to pick up cash at a convenience store. Funds sent via MoneyGram are typically available for pickup within minutes. But the price is pretty high too.

So, is there a way that you can transfer money with cash pickup, and it is cheaper than Western Union?

Yes, here I am telling you a new way to send money with cash pickup. Supporting more than 50 currencies and 70 countries, Epay cash withdrawal function can make funds instantly arrive at the destination country with super low fees.


5 advantages to help you more easily withdraw Epay balance and pick up cash directly.

  1. Favorable cost and low-threshold. Fees start from $1.5.
    No daily withdrawal limit. The maximum withdrawal amount per transaction is $5000, and the minimum is only $20. Fees start from $1.5.
  2. Service covers worldwide.
    Cash withdrawal service supports more than 50 regions and 70 currencies, and with 200,000 cash pickup locations worldwide.
  3. Feel at ease to pick up by local currency.
    Pick up local currency directly, no need to make more currency exchange.
  4. No bank account is required, and the operation is simple and fast.
    Make a cash withdrawal order with only a payee name and contact number. The payee doesn’t have to register on Epay. The payee can receive money from all over the world even without a bank account.
  5. Funds arrive instantly.
    Traditional Wire Transfer takes 2–3 working days. With Epay cash withdrawal function, funds can be instantly received. Safe and efficient.

Supported regions and currency

India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka,
Vietnam, Canada, Turkey, Cambodia, South Korea, and more than 70 countries and regions.


How to make a cash withdrawal on Epay?

  1. Have an Epay account
  2. Verify your account with simple information
  3. Deposit your Epay account.


4.Make a cash withdrawal


Leave a message below if you have any other questions for Epay cash withdrawal.

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