Wisconsin Universal Background Checks.

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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has come out proposing Universal Background checks for gun sales here in the state of Wisconsin.

In an August 15, 2019 press conference, Evers bill proposes –

The proposed bill would require nearly all gun sales to be conducted through a federally licensed dealer, with few exceptions. Democrats say the bill would virtually eliminate the so-called “gun show loophole,” which under current law allows a person to circumvent the background check process by purchasing the gun from a private seller.

And now we get into the challenges and problems with what the Governor is proposing. If you’re following this newsworthy item, you know that only a week or two ago, the Governor and his cronies were pushing for Red Flag laws here in Wisconsin. Of course, this reaction on their part is socially and news story-driven, not from any sense of personally held belief.

Now suddenly the State of Wisconsin has changed its course of sorts and is now promoting Universal Background checks. Is this something that the Governor and his supporters feel is less bombastic and triggering of the good residents of Wisconsin?
In searching the net for additional information regarding the proposed legislation, I find little if any substance regarding the proposed bill.

There are several stories about the press conference held and a recap of what was said. There are prototypical 1:30 television news stories of the proposed legislation, that contain blatant falsehoods.

Even more, telling by its absence is any reference or citation to the proposed bill. The Journal/Sentinel, WISN and madison.com, all have stories any yet don’t link o or cite the billl. There is no reference to a typical Wisconsin Assembly Bill, for example, 2019 Assembly Bill 250, or a similar Wisconsin State statute reference. And the news media continues to wonder why the critical thinking public has no faith in them.

My local state legislators, Senator Janet Bewley, and Representative Beth Meyers have been contacted and strongly urged to oppose any Universal Background Checks or Red Flag laws. If you are a resident of Wisconsin, I urge you to do the same. If you reside in another state and support the Second Amendment, I urge you to contact your state legislatorsas well.

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