We are skeptical of kings. We are skeptical of political answers to our problems. But the truth is, we are skeptical about any answers to our problems. Some of us are skeptical about most things.

The opening quote is the opening from a piece written by a friend of mine, Jon Swanson. He hits the nail on the head, and the ball out of the park with this short set of observations.

I’d expand on his observations. Not only are we skeptical of kings. We’re skeptical of faux, wannabe kings and those who are perceived as kingmakers.

We’re skeptical of political answers and those who regurgitate and spout them as the be-all and end-all of that which ails us. This not only pertains to those political answers on a national level, and includes those political answers all the way down the chain to our local politics.

Yes, in truth we are skeptical about any answers to our problems, regardless of their size and nature. In our instant, microwave timed harried lives, we have been instructed to seek the quick fix. We have failed to seek necessary or possible answers via our ability to think critically.

Some of us, myself included, are skeptical about most things. We have become aware that those whom we thought we could trust, on a local, state or national level have been hiding and distracting us from knowing critical information. Likewise, our friends, in the world of social media have been complicit as well in keeping us from seeing possible answers to our problems.

Being skeptical doesn’t mean you need to be curmudgeonly or a doubting Thomas. It shows that you aren’t part of the crowd, you don’t always go with the flow, and that you are an individual on your own path.

Possibly being skeptical has become the new black.

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