Now going on three years and seven months, Democrats, naysayers, and those who for whatever reason dislike hate and never thought President Trump should be elected, and yet, President Trump continues to prevail.

Looking back on this kerfuffle, and on the side of those against President Trump, the outright vilification and malicious denigration of President Trump, the Democrats have lost their way. They have a complete lack of inhibition or restraint in their misguided efforts to get rid of President Trump.

Their efforts and desires began prior to the election, and then, upon the election of Donald Trump, their perceived green new world of rainbows and unicorns and carbon-neutral bliss, all came crashing down.

And gee, who was it that said that voters need to accept and respect the results of an election...anyone...anyone...anyone...Bueller? Oh, that's right, it has been Democrats that have been harping about this for the past seven years. However when they are on the receiving end of a losing election, well, that just won't do. There had to be some sort of shenanigans, corruption, or voter monkey business causing the election outcome.

As I write this, there are 346 days until the next presidential election. If you like, please continue to wallow in your hatred and abhorrence of President Trump. The current crop of Democrat presidential hopeful's seems no better suited to hold the office. While possibly not outspoken from the debate stage, when they do speak, their platitudes, they fall on the ears of the gathered crowds of intellectual paraplegics.

Democrats and those with Trump Derangement Syndrome, please be honest with yourselves and the rest of us. There has been no collusion, no bribery, no secret handshake deals, no smoke-filled backroom quid pro quo. We're well aware that you despise and hate President Trump and I'm glad you have that opinion. Now, three years and seven months later, it's time to move on with your life.

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