Thank You! An Appreciation Post To The Recently Concluded Dapp Review Contest By StateOfTheDapps


You made it to the top!

This was the WhatsApp message I saw from @olasamuel - a friend of mine who invited me to participate in the just-concluded @stateofthedapps contest.

Although I tried my best to put out a good review, however, I wasn't expecting to make it to the top 5 because the invite came a day to the deadline and I had to rush my input.

Luckily, one of the candidate dapp was a favorite of mine which I am very familiar with "CanWork".

This eventually made it more easier for me to write something meaningful and useful.

CanWork is the dream of every freelancer, and the reason for this is well stated in the title of my entry "1% in fees? The Ultimate Dream Of A Freenlancer - A CanWork Review". After all, who wants his/her pay to get cut after putting so much energy to carry out a job?

1% in fees is a killer difference when compared to legacy platforms that charge 10-30% in fees. And yet again the blockchain technology has shown once more how it could create and power solutions in many existing sectors.

My entry on "CanWork" was my first time of participating in a @dapplovers review contest and am very happy and lucky to be among the top winners. Actually, everyone that participated in the "Review a MyEtherWallet Compatible DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps!". is a winner as all entries were just mind-blowing.

A big thank you to @oracle-d, @yoodoo and all involved parties for this opportunity and their efforts in promoting blockchain projects. I wish you continued and bigger success in all your endeavors.

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Congrats bro. I'm happy you made it

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12.11.2019 09:14

Thanks boss

15.11.2019 19:20

Congratulations, it was well deserved!

13.11.2019 12:57

Thanks for the kind words, Man.

15.11.2019 19:21