Four wheel driving around the South West

Four wheel driving around the South West of Western Australia. The main clips are from Yeagerup Dunes, with some clips from Esperance and a few other 4x4 accessible beaches.

The main clips were from a scouting trip for an upcoming vlog episode that will be just exploring the Yeagerup Dunes as well as camping in the area.

Vehicles we had on the trip: Mitsubishi MN Triton (mine), Toyota Landcruiser 200 series, Ford Ranger, Toyota Landcearly.

Working on an update to this video at the moment with more clips from around the South Coast.

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Beautiful, love that white sand. So great to have those drone shots.

14.10.2019 01:39

It is pretty awesome, I love exploring the more remote areas.

14.10.2019 01:55
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14.10.2019 01:44

Well didn't know you did a bunch of offroading trips. If you're in Utah let's go.

18.10.2019 01:04

Definitely! I absolutely love offroading, it is the only way to explore about 80% of Australia :)

18.10.2019 01:24

YES! A Mitsubishi Pajero! :D

25.10.2019 14:29