STEEM Promotions....Everywhere at the moment! Check out what I found on Coinmarketcap and 👍🏼💯

I come with Great News fellow Steemians!

Steem is moving back up the CoinMarketCap charts once again!


In August it was trailing at 87 in August, which doesn’t seem that far ago, but as you can see on the top left hand side, it is now 78.

It was 79 when I was collating information for this article this afternoon, but it’s moved up again as I’m writing this.


And...I think I can offer some good reasons why.

Apart from the obvious - that we are all awesome and this platform rewards its users much better than anywhere else, (unless you are a celebrity lol) it might be something to do with how visible cryptocurrency is these days on certain websites.

When I decided to see how Steem was doing and see if it was worth updating you guys, I went on and was presented with this page:


Instead of having big juicy charts to look at, I’m sure you noticed that half of the screen is designated to - Crypto ideas. And if your wondering what these are charts are and where they come from,’s from everyday people like you and me, who use the website platform to offer predictions on stocks, bonds, indices and of course, Crypto.

Let’s take a look at one I found on Steem, as I want to show you what you also get when you check out these predictions charts that people publish to the website - for Free! Which is the amazing thing, they are a free service even if you don’t join and get the Pro service.


Don’t worry about reading the chart itself, I want to bring your attention to that big yellow arrow I drew on the lower right hand side of the screen. It’s not obvious at first, but trading view have this right side tab that offers extra information on whatever cryptocurrency your charting.

If you look carefully, you can see it is a red and blue line that offers buy or sell advice based on technical analysis conducted by the tradeview algo’s.

It says BUY today, which is nice isn’t it! 🙌🏼🙆🏽‍♀️

What’s even better - is that Every single trader who is on this website gets to see this advice/ buy signal indicator, all day today and as Steem has been on a bit of a tear recently off its lows, you can bet a lot of traders have paid attention.

It’s not just this that’s working for Steem right now, it’s also that most people on there, (at least today) are offering Buy/ Long predictions on their chart analysis.

If you look below at that top left area, next to STEEMBTC JohnnyNguyenTP who looks remarkably like Neo off - The Matrix 😎 - offers a green Long buy signal prediction - Thank you Johnny!


You can follow him here:

But wait....there is more!

When you type STEEM into the search bar and hit enter you get this screen:


I clicked on technicals for the first time today instead of going straight to the chart and saw this:


Boom! 💥

Three BUY signals on the Daily chart! Depicted by these cute looking dials.

So anyone researching crypto buy signals on tradeview at the moment could end up getting a position in Steem based on all this positive FREE data that I’ve found.

It’s so good to know that charting service websites show off these extra data points when traders pick any crypto to analyse, as I think a very popular chart analysis software like, could be helping us in the background, by displaying such information with the Steem cryptocurrency.

If you use another charting software, let me know if it shows off this additional buy signal information when you pull up a cryptocurrency as I’m sure these software companies keep an eye on each other, and we might be getting a sea of positive data about Steem in front of more and more people as these website services evolve.

Full Disclosure
I have absolutely NO affiliation with or Neo from the matrix, but I’ve noticed a lot of youtubers use tradeview as it includes the VPVR or visible volume. These are the side bars that show at what price points investors and traders are most active.

Here let me show you, it’s always on the right hand side of the screen 📺


Credit to Crypto revolution. This is a screenshot from his daily crypto updates and in particular this video:

Here is the link for those technical dials/ buy signals if you want to have a mooch around yourself.

Otherwise that’s it for me!

Catch you later. Peace ✌🏼☮️

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