HF21 Sharing some thoughts

Trying my hand with an audio type post. In this post, which I recorded in the car on the way shopping today, I share my thoughts on HF21, what I am in favor of and where my concerns lie.

Staying still is not an option, steem as it does not work and we need change. HF21 brings change, but so will HF22 and HF23.

Anyway, something a little different today in the way I post. I do hope that you enjoy it, although I know many of you won't fully agree with me.

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I'm with you on the issue that it's going to be a problem to reward comments and engagement after HF21. An easy solution would be to replace comment upvotes with some kind of tipping function that uses SBD directly from your wallet bumping the comments with the biggest tips to the top. I would be happy to reward genuine comments having some SBD reserved for that if it was easy with a click of a button.

25.08.2019 15:50

Like this? !tip 0.3 steem :p

25.08.2019 15:55

like that except for that the current tipping mechanisms don't actually bump a comment you tip up in the comment thread

25.08.2019 16:08

We also have steembounty, but I see that as more promotional. I do like the idea of tipping but the UI needs to be designed for it.

25.08.2019 16:12

Yeah maybe something to mention to steempeak devs as they are actually responsive to suggestions and implement them quickly if they like them :) I haven't had a chance to listen to the audio but will do so when I get back to computer this evening. Cheers

25.08.2019 17:17

Thanks, not exactly like this. The way I look at it, I would just remove the option to vote on comments using voting power and the reward pool all together. (this will be impossible anyway with the non-linear reward curve). Instead, just replace the current system with upvotes that show exactly the way it is shown now and bumps comments on top with SBD that come directly from the wallet of the one that does the upvote (like op http://publish0x.com/). That would be an easy and quick solution actually making it possible to reward comments. Tipu in a way works but it's way too much of a hassle for mosts and adds a 'spam comment'.

25.08.2019 18:16
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25.08.2019 15:56

It could also be combatted with a seperate comments pool. Obviously it's really hard to see what will happen, + 1 large investor could really shake things up. But I think it a separate comments pool could be worth canvasing for. What this space

25.08.2019 16:10

I really enjoyed your vlog. You are so right about the need for people to not take so much out and invest in steem a little more if they want it to have a future. There needs to be reinvestment. I too understand it is a way to make money but their needs to be a vision of the big picture as well. thanks

25.08.2019 18:56

I really enjoyed your vlog. You are so right about the need for people to not take so much out and invest in steem a little more if they want it to have a future. There needs to be reinvestment. I too understand it is a way to make money but their needs to be a vision of the big picture as well. thanks

25.08.2019 18:57

At this point just bring it on! Adapting is an important part of the any venture in disruptive and innovative areas. I still have mixed feelings but don’t see how it would alter my approach here although the incentivizaton of engagement is no longer apparent.

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25.08.2019 23:49

like :)

26.08.2019 04:22

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26.08.2019 04:57

I get the idea that it would be nice if the "cream could rise to the top" and the best content was the most rewarded, but I still do not see these changes as helping get to that spot. It is as if everyone is pretending we are starting from zero, when we are starting from a position dominated by bid bots and vote selling. If the average author lost out a ton of income but the best content creators earned a lot more that would be awesome! ... but how are the best content creators going to boost their posts far enough up to compete with posts that buy votes. The math doesn't work. Boosting up the highest paying posts by 25% or more compared to the current curve completely undoes any possible benefit from increased flags. 25% of the SP held by users who might flag bid bot posts is not even enough to take back the 25% increase in post reward from the new curve, let alone make a difference in the positive direction.

26.08.2019 06:13

At some point we really need to get together and talk about this mythical "cream floating to the top" process that you seem to believe will exist, but which there is no documentation of the process that meets that parameter. Proof of brain, proof of stake, they were both supposed to let people self organize around the idea of the cream of the crop which could be raised from amongst a cacophony of voices. All it would take was a few people out looking, and a lot of murdered electrons along the way.

In practice, they found that people want to be paid to do something they would not otherwise ordinarily do, and that is search through a bunch of content that they may or may not be interested in, decide which of it is worthwhile, and pass it on to the next group down. They want to engage with the process that brings them value but not necessarily the strict value of the Steem coin.

There just isn't enough infrastructure to actually cater to the needs of an active ecology of funds. Someone needs to be able to come up, say "I'm a writer, this is the stuff that I write, would any of you like to invest in my project?" And to have you both give noes and yeses, in proportion to how much risk those funds were handed over with.

Curation cannot save the platform, despite all the wall and worded attempts. Curation responds, which is why it is so able to encompass all of the behaviors of bid bots. They just add tighter deadlines, is all.

Pretty much everything about hard for 21 makes me think that it was put together by people who never actually had to deal with people. And maybe that's right.

Regardless, we're stuck with it, so we will end up looking to see what it brings early on.

26.08.2019 08:16