Promoting Steem at the Excel Online Summit - How do you think I did?

Today the Excel Online Summit went live.  Day 1 is Leaders in Excellence.  Just to be included on the first day with the most famous names in the Excel world is an amazing achievement and I am damn proud.

I am really excited to share this video with you because most of the interview is on the topic of the steem blockchain.  I am going to keep this post short and sweet and just give you a direct link.

I'm kinda nervous about how the steem community will respond to my explanations and ideas about steem.  Steem offers something different for everyone and what it is for me, is not necessarily what it is for you.  With an audience of over 10K, I hope its seen as positive publicity for the steem blockchain.  

Just one quote to share which was said by the interviewer about steem in his wrap up, keeping in mind he never heard of it before this interview.

"it sounds to me very much the kinda way of the future and the way forward"

I am hoping 2020 to be a big year for me with many more opportunities to talk about steem.  Therefore I am happy to take constructive criticism so I can improve how I represent steem.

The interview is an hour long.  I talk about steem and all it has to offer from 35 minutes until the end.


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Very cool, what a huge place to let Steem shine. Had no clue Excel had such a huge base of users and activities going on lol. Good luck with this "Learn and Earn" initiative!

09.12.2019 20:56

Excel has a massive community, there are Excel Youtubers making enough from youtube not to work a traditional job. And the community is so diverse.

09.12.2019 22:40

Up-skill you stone-age Accountants!

I think you were on form Paula :)

Earn while you learn!


09.12.2019 21:20

Thank you very much @abh12345. lol Accountants so need to move with the times. I think with that and blockchain, the interview might have been a little out there for some.

09.12.2019 22:44

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09.12.2019 21:21

I am really excited to be one of those that will be receiving the mails and viewing the summit. It's a huge thing for me and those aspiring to master excel and accounting software.

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09.12.2019 21:42

You will enjoy it. Is there anyone, in particular, you are looking forward to watching? I was looking forward to watching Oz today. he is an amazing character. And Mr Excel must be the most famous Excel dude in the world. Did you get your link yet, as far as I know, they all went out?

09.12.2019 22:46

Amazing post

10.12.2019 00:14

Congratulations on your participation 🎉

10.12.2019 00:15

thank you

10.12.2019 12:45

Hmmm maybe you are the reason steem is up almost 10%😏.. Hehe ok maybe it's because of the fake news... But hey let's just say so 😂

10.12.2019 02:37

I hope she can talk steem in to the top ten 😍

10.12.2019 07:06

Lol I wish

10.12.2019 12:46

Coolness, @paulag! I saw this just as I was about to shut my computer off for the night, so I'll be back in the morning to give it a listen. Can't wait!

10.12.2019 06:04

taking the talk away from Excel and on to steem was rather risky, but I think I pulled it off :-) . The interviewer was amazing

10.12.2019 13:03

Congrats Paula, you were brilliant! I believe showing your fellow Excel masters you talk as passionately about Steem as you do about Excel leaves a strong impression.

10.12.2019 08:36

thank you very much @gadrian, it was exciting doing the interview and getting to talk so much about steem

10.12.2019 12:39

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10.12.2019 15:50

He had quite a reaction. :D

Around minute 37 is the steem talk, for those looking. ;)

Great work on it Paula.

10.12.2019 18:14

yea I guess the whole thing about steem can be a bit far out there for some, but I think he might have got it slightly, enough to make him want to find out more for sure :-)

10.12.2019 21:53

Great one @paulag!
I just have an issue with the link... it wont load for me...

10.12.2019 19:17

so nice

11.12.2019 02:59

Nice :)

11.12.2019 15:48

great input, excellent information. In my country there is not much talk about these issues.

12.12.2019 15:38

I had no idea three was an Excel Online Summit.

I'm behind a firewall right now ... but when I get home, I'm going to give it a look.

I made the jump from Lotus 123 to Microsoft Excel when I had the opportunity to beta test Windows 95. I've been hooked ever since.

Have you looked at yet? I think that an Excel Community would thrive!!!

16.12.2019 18:37

Hi @gikitiki and thank you so much for watching the interview. I am glad you liked it.

I set up a community for Exccel not so long ago. its is open beta for anyone with a steem account so you can log in and have a look.

17.12.2019 14:19

Awesome. I just joined.

17.12.2019 15:47