The POCKET Token Exchange

Welcome to the POCKET Token Exchange! If you wish to acquire some POCKET tokens you can do so in the comment section of this post at a price of 20 Steem for 100 POCKET tokens or 6 SBD for 100 POCKET tokens (minimum order of 100 tokens). POCKET tokens can also be obtained at and I believe that at the time of this posting they are currently going for a little under $0.05 USD per token and I believe there is no minimum order on Bitshares. If you are an owner of POCKET tokens and you are willing to sell them for less than these prices then feel free to cut your own deals in the comments. I am also willing to exchange POCKET tokens for dark energy crystals (DEC) from the Steem Monsters game at a price of 6000 dark energy crystals for 100 POCKET tokens.

The POCKET token is the historic first token created on the Steem platform. It was created by the legendary computer whiz, @Biophil. It has been utilized for many purposes in the past on Steemit and is currently essential for participation in the hilarious "POCKET Friday" contest that @improv holds each week.

How does the exchange work?
Just leave a comment citing your intention to purchase tokens and then transfer me the funds with the message "Pocket token exchange" in the memo line.

What if I am short of Steem but have lots of Steem Power, can I just pound the upvote button hard on your post and earn POCKET tokens that way?

Sure, after the post has paid out just leave a comment that documents the value of your upvote and I will be happy to take care of you at the rates mentioned above. Just make sure your upvote is worth at least $6 USD since there is a 100 token minimum.

Upvotes and Resteems appreciated but not required.

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Do you know where can I trade my pocket and not losing it on the process. Not so long ago, I transfer 1000000 to bitsshare however, until now it doesn't work.

15.07.2019 16:55

Excellent question! I am not an expert at bitshares but I believe that it is the only exchange that has POCKET tokens so far. The other option is to just try and make a deal here on Steemit. If you make a post related to offering your POCKET tokens for sale or trade and let me know about it I would be happy to resteem your post to my 7,000 followers, if that helps.

16.07.2019 01:03