Sonic Groove Live, Week 10 - Dmitri Shostakovich, Waltz nr. 2

This is my entry for the Sonic Groove Live Contest, week 10.

I play an Adaptation of Shostakovich's second Waltz for organ. This type of composition is more suited for theatre organ than for church organ. I thought it a nice idea to try and make it work on a (admitted, rather large) Baroque organ. My fellow organists will probably ban me for this, but I actually quite like the reult. I hope you do too.

In my introduction on the video I mention that is Waltz thiis part of the second (Jazz) suite. That is not correct. The manuscript of the second Jazz suite was thought lost in the second World War. Another suite of 8 orchestral pieces was later thought to be to second Jazz suite, until the original manuscipt resurfaced. The suite that for 50 years was thought to be the second Jazz suite was then renamed Suite for Variety Orchestra. And it is from this Suite that the Waltz I play here was taken.

The Suite for Variety Orchestra contains two Waltzes, hence Waltz nr. 2. It is in c minor with a middle section in E flat/A flat major. The main theme of the Waltz has such a natural beauty that you cannot but wonder why it was not composed a 100 years earlier. And once you have heard it, it sticks in your head. To make this recording I spend the largest part of this morning with this music. And I know I'll have it in my mind for several days to come...

The written music is still under copyright, so no score to read along with the music.


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Thank you for your entry in Sonic Groove Live Week 10

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08.11.2019 18:02

Hi partitura,

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09.11.2019 18:47

Great entry to the sonicgroove contest with this piece of Shostakovich. A beautiful execution, according to my appreciation. A big hello @partitura

08.11.2019 22:17

Thanks for the nice words @marcybetancourt

09.11.2019 18:48

Hello Hello!

Your style is great, elegant and personal, I love your rhythm ...

Greetings from Venezuela!!

09.11.2019 01:27

Glad you like it! Thanks

09.11.2019 18:48

ehy dear @partitura, your music is always beautiful! but today more, I really love the waltz, I seem to fly dancing while the heart explodes with emotions !! keep on and thanks for sharing with us !! good day :-))

09.11.2019 10:48

That's great to hear. This music is not typical for me, so I'm glad I still struck a chord.

09.11.2019 18:50

You are really showing your versatility as an organist! Where can I purchase the score?

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09.11.2019 20:45

I got this transcription from womeone who made it himself; with the express instruction to keep it private, so I can't share it.
A little googling shows there is a version available commercially: or
There is no preview, so I don't know whether it's a bit like the transcription I played.

09.11.2019 21:18

A very good transcription and a awesome beautiful performance. Wonderful!

10.11.2019 01:42

Thanks. I agree, the transcriber did a terrific job in transforming this music to the organ, using some of the uniqi possibilities of the organ.

10.11.2019 07:22