Secrets of Organ Playing Contest, week 57 | Anonymus, Vater unser im Himmelreich, 2. Vers

This is my entry for the secrets of organ playing contest. week 57.

I play the second verse of an anonymous choral prelude to "Vater unser im Himmelreich". Though we can not put a name to this composition, it is without doubt that whoever he or she was, it was a master in the trade. This music is almost 400 years old and it can still evoce strong emotions. Well, at least within me. Whenever I play this piece, I play it several times in a row, just for the shear pleasure of the beauty of the sound, the subtle harmonic play between solo and accompaniment and the ingenuity with which the solo voice is written around the notes of the choral melody. Highly recommended to try for yourself. Do yourself a favor and download the score from my site.

The recording was done with the Hauptwerk software and the sampleset, made by Sonus Paradisi, of the Schittger organ in the St. Martini-kerk, Groningen (



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Thanks for the curation!

01.02.2020 21:28

Music is part of our life and listening to a soft melody gladdens the soul, it is impressive the talent that you have and as you share it with the community, you listen beautifully and more when it is done from the heart, I hope your passion for this art goes far and you manage to fall in love with many more people. A hug from a distance.


01.02.2020 22:55

Thanks. Organ music is not everyone's cup of tea, but I do love it and I try to share and spread some of that love.

02.02.2020 08:39

Playing the organ is really a very beautiful instrument, I remember it quite a lot because at home a friend always went and played for us, I like the melody and how it is heard because it relaxes us and fills us with love and happiness. You have a great talent and that is admirable, many congratulations.


01.02.2020 23:08

Thanks for the compliments. I hope to share a lot more of beautiful musiclike this.

02.02.2020 08:40

First time I hear this melody. It undoubtedly has great beauty. I don't know for what reason it reminds me of the film "Les Choristes" by director Christophe Barratier. As always it is a pleasure to hear it @partitura

02.02.2020 00:59

Perhaps the same choral "Vater unser im Himmelrich" features in the music of that film?

02.02.2020 08:41

hey, this is a great melody, it's just like that: beautiful things have no age !! thank you for sharing and congratulations on your work

02.02.2020 12:34

Your music always warms my heart...

03.02.2020 16:12

What a nice thing to write, Thank you

03.02.2020 19:14

I found your track on Spotify, Fantasia in G by Wilhelm Karges on Spotify. Did you know that it sounds very similar to Fantasia in G by Heinrich Scheidemann?

04.02.2020 07:42

Wow! Go @laputis! Love you playing. !ENGAGE 15

04.02.2020 07:46

She could do miracles, if she wanted to...

04.02.2020 11:50

Thank you!

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